Why We Should See Marketing As A Puzzle

Marketing is hard, that is what we all hear from marketers. This is kind of depressing, knowing that this area is where the most excitement actually is. Imagine getting in touch with your sales leads prospects, using communication tools like email, social media, or telemarketing, to connect. You talk to them, interact, and eventually make the sale.

So what makes lead generation such a difficult task?

The answer here lies with perception of marketing. Unlike the dictates of modern day marketers and appointment setting ‘experts’, marketing is a mystery, not a puzzle. A mystery is solved by analyzing all the data presented to you. A puzzle, on the other hand, can only be solved once you have all the pieces together. Now that is the problem with marketers these days, especially the proponents of big data – they all treat marketing as a puzzle.

Sure, we need big data. We need enough information to make an intelligent analysis of your market. The problem here is that almost no one in the marketing front is willing to make an analysis, to ask the hard questions. Most of these people believe that collecting more and more data will compensate for the lack of quality analytics (not to mention common sense) of the data already obtained.

Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Data is merely data. Collecting them in large business databases will not get us anywhere near generating B2B leads. If you want to be successful as a marketer, then take that information you have already make your deductions now. That will be much better.

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