Are you Wasting Resources on Dirty Marketing List? Here's How to Know..

Are you Wasting Resources on Dirty Marketing List? Here’s How to Know..

Are you Wasting Resources on Dirty Marketing List? Here's How to Know..

Are you always calling the wrong company?

Do you end up asking for dead people?

Do you find yourself looking for a wrong person every time you make calls?

Are your sales reps struggling to get hold of decision makers because of wrong information?

Do you always end up having a “DNC” (Do Not Call) because of duplicate records?

Do you get complaints through email, asking to take them off your mailing list?

Does your marketing list cost you money?

If you answered “YES” to all of these questions, then you have a bad data. Let’s talk dirty! And find out if you are wasting resources on your dirty marketing list.

You always end up calling a wrong company.

An outdated list means extra effort for Sales reps. Having to call a company and get a response, “You dialed the wrong number” is frustrating. Time is wasted because instead of finding out for an opportunity, Sales reps ended up profiling the list to get updated information.

Too many bounced emails because of incorrect email addresses.

Sending out emails before calling a prospect must be done so sales reps won’t be doing prospecting anymore. However, too many bounced email could mean, email doesn’t exist because the information has not been entered correctly or the person with the email address may have left the company.

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Keep sending information to the wrong person, every time.

Sending emails with the same content to the wrong person might lead to email blacklist because you’re targeting the wrong person. Plus, you’ll end up chasing and following up the wrong person.

Too many duplicate data

Duplicate data means, having a single company, number, contact, etc. that occupies more than one record in the database. Calling the same number, with the same company and contact person over and over again might lead to DNC (Do Not Call).

Multiple emails sent to the right person

No one likes a spammer. Customers might lose interest on your products or services because they were annoyed because they constantly receive the same marketing materials from you.

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Missing or inappropriate data.

There are a lot of empty fields that should contain data or some data were entered in the wrong field.

Having poor leads.

Sales reps are wasting time chasing dead end leads. It will take time and extra effort to clean up dirty data through research or profiling.

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Once data is stored, regardless of the process, certain errors are unavoidable which might potentially threaten and pollute a clean database. Data cleansing is a valuable process that helps companies save time and improve efficiency. It involves removing of duplicate or obsolete data. At the same time correcting inaccurate information within the database. It can be done manually or by the use of a data cleansing tool. Listed below are other advantages. 

  • It Cost Less by Improving your Decision Making Process

Having a clean data means, getting your money’s worth. Sales Reps will accurately be route to the right prospects which will help increase their productivity making the most of their work hours. It can also increase delivery and open rates. At the same time, constantly improve response rate. As well as reduce email bounced rate given that you won’t have to deal with outdated addresses.

  • Data Consistency Through On-going Data Cleansing

Scrub and clean. Customer information is forever changing. People leave, move to another department within the company or retire. And these changes need to be reflected in the database. Even if data from different database are combined, on-going data cleansing will ensure data consistency. This will help your team reach the right people on the right telephone numbers and with valid email addresses.

It’s time for you to change your old habits. Start cleaning your list and stop wasting money and resources on your old dirty marketing list.  Practice data cleansing because having an accurate data is more effective for all your sales and marketing efforts.


Have regular data cleanup to check your database for error, update your business data!

Learn more about our data cleansing services. Dial +60 3.2772.7370.



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