From Wannabe to Superstar: How to Do Marketing in Asia

From Wannabe to Superstar: How to Do Marketing in Asia

Japanese Dj, singer-songwriter and comedian Kosaka Daimaou aka Piko-Taro-Kosaka rose to world stardom in just a month after his song “PPAP” was uploaded over Youtube with over 24 million views, and counting.

The song may sound quite dorky to some people but others see a unique character in it that draws people from all walks of life to get LSS (last song syndrome) by it and even create their own version of the song and be shown over social media sites. The lyrics are short, simple and familiar to listeners which have made the song instantaneously popular.


“I have a pen, I have an apple, urgh, Apple Pen,”

“I have a pen, I have pineapple, urgh, Pineapple Pen”



Voila! Kosaka is now a superstar! 

Like Kosaka, marketing specialists can become superstars in their field. Every marketer may have parallel knowledge and use almost the same tools in reaching, connecting and acquiring customers, but some wanna be’s dare to survive the tough competition by possessing extraordinary characteristics that make them standout among the crowd and become effectively popular to target audiences. Here are some tips on how you can become a Marketing Superstar.



You know who your target customers are, their needs and wants, their buying patterns and how they behave, but you’ll have the edge over your competitors if you are able to engage them to be interested in what you offer.  

Trade Fairs are perfect venues where you can meet and greet prospects who are likely to become future buyers. They wouldn’t be coming to the fair for no reason anyway so keep them engaged in productive conversation while you have them at a time. Here’s how to look for sales leads in business events.

Also, a nice big booth is not enough to attract and perk up prospects’ interest on your exhibits and interactive demonstrations but having the ear to listen to them and being able to answer their questions is invaluable.

Social Network Sites used to be just optional tactics but are now essential tools used by marketing strategists in connecting with prospective customers. Likes, shares, retweets, comments and all other web actions are now included as key performance indicators specifically for promotional materials and marketing content’s effectiveness. Be more like your customers by making yourself visible to them at social media sites they visit by reciprocating the actions they make.


Before you can influence your customers to believe in your brand, it is important to take into account cultural factors intrinsic to each market. Understand how a specific market behaves and you will be able to build a marketing approach that is familiar to them which they can likely relate. Innovate, influence and become effective leaders. Learn from these guys.

Brand Presence should be far and wide and accessible from all media forms: audio, visual and online. Make your target customers aware of your brand presence everywhere as this will give them the impression of how valuable your product can be.


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Clear Messaging starts in you. Distill tip-top points of the business that are most significant to your target’s interest and energize the words you use to instill a strong, reliable image to them. Make the message simple and jargon-free to be easily understood by target customers.

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Communication is the key to a long and lasting relationship. Use tools and tactics that keep communication lines between you and your target customers open like sending them emails to inform or update, call them to answer their queries, connect with them in social networking sites, feed them with significant information over the web and get in touch with them via mobile as needed. But it takes two to tango, so you should make yourself equally available for them at all times as this will build your market’s trust in you.

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Whether achieved overnight or for a month or year, it takes a certain period of time and a process of evolving strategies to Engage, to Influence and to Nurture, and Kosaka-like extraordinary characteristics that are Unique, Simple and Straightforward to become a Marketing Superstar in Asia.



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