Get it Right: Increase Sales Leads Numbers x2 with Multi-Channel Marketing

Get it Right: Increase Sales Leads Numbers x2 with Multi-Channel Marketing

Struggling to reach out with your target prospects? Multi-Channel Marketing is one way of engaging with potential customers and interact with them using various channels. You have to be where your customers are. And many companies  are constantly doing a “trial and error” strategy to figure out what type of marketing will work for them on how to market their products and services.

Multi-Channel Marketing approach can improve and give high conversion marketing strategies. By reaching out to potential customers using different approaches, they are more likely to buy your products or services – doubling your sales leads.

Check out some of the different channels on how to reach out to potential customers and start maximizing the effectiveness of every customer touch points.


An introductory email makes more sense since the prospects doesn’t require to answer the moment they receive it. It’s a one step closer to you prospects as this could also be a reason for you to call them. Sending out email first let’s you educate your prospects and clearly connect with their current situation.

Challenges: Delivering the right message is not enough. You don’t only need your customers to receive the message but act at the same time.

Tips: Subjects must be strong and clear. Make it as interesting as possible. Your content should be direct to the point. Make potential customers believe that they need your product or services by focusing on pain points.

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Connect with prospects through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. This can help in getting to know your prospects and establish relationship with them easily. It allows you to figure out what consumers are talking about and get to know their needs through social listening. And eventually initiate conversation which turn leads to sales. It also build deeper relationships with potential customers which drives them to purchase over and over again.

Challenges: A lot of customers are using social to find out what’s new and what’s hype in the market. And you can’t focus all of your efforts in all social media platform. It’ll take time and effort for your team to do so.

Tips: Focus on the most popular social media platform. Study where your target audience are to know which platform they are more likely to interact with. Initiate conversation with them.

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Be visible with your prospects. Create blogs, landing page, etc.

Challenges: Prospects are just looking information at your website but doesn’t purchase at all.

Tips: Create a catchy and clickable titles. Make your contents more appealing to them. Make them feel like they need your product or service upon reading it. Content must be easy to read. Highlight the benefits of your product or service. Put it in a bullet form so they can read it easily.



One way to collect more customer information is by calling them directly. It can be done in a lot of ways. It can be through Prospecting and Profiling, wherein you will be calling targeted companies and identify the right person to talk to and gather and verify their information. Follow up on prospects who opened, replied, received or did not receive the introductory email you’ve sent. You can also use this to follow up on prospects who visited your website but didn’t make any purchase.

Challenges: Many companies have their own in house sales team or is considering outsourcing a company who can provide them with better service.

Tips: Be persistent and follow up. Calling 4th or even 8th time will give you a better  chance of getting hold of prospects than those reps who quits after a few calls.

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Never reach out to prospects without doing your research first. Regardless what channel you are in, whether calling, emailing, etc., if you research first you are in a much better position.


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