Is your Marketing Campaign OFF Targeted in Malaysia?

Is your Marketing Campaign OFF Targeted in Malaysia?

Hit the bullseye! That’s the objective in playing Darts. A steady skills in throwing the small missiles to the dartboard is a sure win in the game but with reduced skills, reduced scores follow.

All marketing campaigns aim high to hit the mark and that’s no less than to acquire more customers.

Customer acquisition is consequential to business growth and in order to fully back this up, only the best marketing tactics must be employed. Whether it’s the traditional or digital or a combination of both, marketing efforts are solely directed to getting a good number of targets in the list by gaining, maintaining or winning back customers.

However, big data does not guarantee big results at all times especially when it’s not at its best. Keeping thousands of customer names in your database that were not profiled, cleansed and updated is a total waste of time and money.

Data plays the biggest role in your marketing workflow. Having a good amount of contacts in a healthy database, assures you of getting qualified leads and appointments by having the right prospects on your list who have the need of your business or the like, and who are interested to learn, engage and/or experience your product or business. And the only best way to get to know who they are is through customer profiling.  

Customer Profiling or formerly known as customer segmentation is a process of classifying your best target customers into groups which should be your basis of customizing the best business approach and offer to them. The following customer profiling techniques are proven processes that are instrumental in achieving campaign goals and in keeping your marketing campaign on target:

Data washing/scrubbing

Data washing or scrubbing is a process of cleansing the list from DNC and DNE listed contacts and off-target industries, and removal of current customers to avoid duplicated marketing efforts (deduplication).

Do a data wash before using your campaign starts especially when you are targeting other regions where business are protected by the DNC and DNE laws like Australia and Singapore.

Data Segmentation

A technique that lets you identify your customers by keeping a record of their demographical and psychological statistics. Demographical data may include the industry they belong and serve, company size, annual revenue and geography. While psychological data may include the customer’s buying patterns and behavior.

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Data Profiling

The tactic comes in every call the telemarketing agent makes by updating/verifying the information details like company, address, state, postal code, city, title, function, phone, mobile, direct line, email website, social media accounts and SIC code.

Quality begets accuracy. Having the right information details in your list will assure you of data integrity. This means that if your telemarketing agent works on an a database with accurate information, she will be speaking to the right person, will be calling the right target company, sending custom emails to valid email addresses, and will be pitching the right offer to the best prospects at the right time.

Customer Profiling isn’t just about getting the right information like the decision maker’s name or the  updating the missing space in the email field in your CRM. This technique aims to build a strong and quality database, that will award you with the benefit of saved time and money.

Reach Much Targeted Audience in Malaysia Through Better Customer Profiling Techniques!

With a targeted list, time is saved from calls spent on non-existent or invalid contacts. Your caller will instead maximize the time speaking with target PICs who are best references for the required substantial information needed to achieve data accuracy. The list will conjure an image of prospects who match your ideal customers because you have the knowledge of who they are, what they do, their needs and requirements, whom they serve, and their purchase patterns.


So throw all your marketing missile in a steadied skill and hit a targeted marketing campaign BULLSEYE!


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