The Quintessential Guide to Building Trust for Better Business Effectiveness

The Quintessential Guide in Building Trust for Better Business Effectiveness in Malaysia

The Quintessential Guide to Building Trust for Better Business Effectiveness

You can’t expect people to buy your product or service when they have second thoughts about engaging you the first time around. There are some companies that try to shorten the buying cycle with the expectation of getting as many closed sales as they want. But the truth is, even if you are able to generate high numbers of business leads within a single period, there is a small chance these leads will end up buying. Obviously, they still don’t know if you are the contractor they are looking for.

In this sense, building trust can be a long and arduous process, but when it comes to acquiring high quality B2B leads and nurturing these leads into sales ready prospects, there are no shortcuts. But we have tips that can help you form quality relationships with your market.

Take time to read some of them and you’ll be winning sales like you’re winning in Tetris. Just trust us.


Know your people.

In B2B lead generation, you can’t go on contacting people without knowing who they are and what they currently want at first. Imagine joining a gunfight with only a jungle knife in hand (or nothing at all)! Evidently, research is where many B2B companies fail in their campaigns, and it is highly crucial to make an effort testing the waters before diving right in.

Tip: Identify your key decision makers for lead generation

Have your database cleansed and updated,  get accurate information about your prospects now!

Take your time.

Again, the lead nurturing process shouldn’t be rushed. Unlike consumers, B2B leads require more information and time to decide on buying a solution. The sales pitch can come right after your prospects generate enough interest to engage you in a sales appointment. For the meantime, provide them with relevant content they can appreciate.

Tip: Always think that ‘Every Lead is Special’. Use lead nurturing tool

Know what to say.

A telemarketing call doesn’t follow a linear path. The conversation often takes detours and unexpected turns depending on the prospect’s desire to know more about your company and the solutions it is selling. Hence, your telemarketing personnel should have a good sense of directing potential clients back on track. A call script can always be handy for those situations when a prospect has inquiries it needs to satisfy.

Tip: Create The Perfect Killer Telemarketing Script

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Never mind about other companies. In fact, try as much as possible to never mention them in your telemarketing calls. Also, try not to compare your company to other companies. It gives the bad impression that you are after the prospect’s money rather than satisfy its needs.

Tip: Launch a Product like Steve Jobs. Prioritize people/ customers / clients


Connect, and don’t fabricate.

Bear in mind that B2B leads have a sophisticated sense of knowing whether a marketing message is pure poppycock. Exaggerating your product’s merits is no doubt unhelpful at this point, so you might want to explain the advantages of your product in the real world rather than the world of false advertising.

It turns out there are many ways for B2B companies to generate trust. Just know that you will have to exert a little extra effort in building valuable relationships. After all, business is not always about making money, but about helping each other achieve each other’s goals.


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