Ultimate Cheat Sheet: Telemarketing Starter Kit for Businesses in Asia

Ultimate Cheat Sheet: Telemarketing Starter Kit for Businesses in Asia

Are you always wondering what telemarketing is, how to start calling and how it can help your business?

Sales is essential in the success of every business. But because the sales cycle became longer and different people were involved in the decision making process, businesses utilize telemarketing to help them provide sales ready leads and increase their sales.

If you’re looking to consider and use telemarketing to generate more revenue for your business, here’s a complete guide to help you create a telemarketing campaign that works.

STEP #1. Identify your target market

Timeline: This should be done before starting a campaign

Create your ideal customer profile. These are people whom you want to sell to who are most likely to buy your product or service.  Identify them by:

  • Company size
  • Number of employees
  • Annual revenue
  • Geographical location
  • Industry type
  • Target prospects/contacts

Tip: When identifying your target prospects, it’s best to contact those who understands your product or service. For example, if you are selling an accounting software, it is best to speak with the Accounting/Finance Manager then the IT Manager.

STEP #2: Create a telemarketing list

Timeline: This should be done before starting a campaign

Once you’ve identified your target market, you can now create a list to call. Having a targeted database plays an important role in the success of your telemarketing campaign.

Reminder: Use the target market that you’ve identified when building a criteria for your telemarketing list. Here’s How to get targeted business list.

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STEP #3: Create an email template

Timeline: This should be done before starting a campaign

Things to consider when creating an email template:

  • Subject line/Title should be direct to the point but is catchy
  • Keep the text short
  • Personalize your message

STEP #4: Send out introductory email to all contacts within your list

Timeline: Should be done at least 2 weeks before target start date

Nowadays, the buying process is longer and sending introductory emails to prospects is important in your lead nurturing process.

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STEP #5: Create a script

Timeline: This should be done before starting a campaign

Telemarketing requires planning and scripts are used as guide to guarantee and deliver the message professionally.

Guidelines in creating a telemarketing script

Opening includes:

  • Greeting
  • Introduction
  • Purpose of the call
  • Body – This is part where you do the following:
  • Present your products
  • Probe by asking questions about your prospects current setup.
  • Closing – Thank and summarize the important details such as; the date of the appointment.


  • When creating a script, identify the type of campaign you wish to have (Phone or office appointment)
  • When creating probing questions, focus on the needs of the prospect and use the features and benefits of your product and services to offer solutions

Here’s a sample script that we use.

Contact Person: Finance Manager/ Accounting Manager

Hi. My name is (Telemarketer) and I’m calling on behalf of XYZ Company. Am I speaking with (Target Contact) the (Job Title)?

(Request for some time to talk) Mr./Ms.___Did I catch you in a good time? Or Can I have a few minutes of your time? (Then introduce our company and purpose of the call.)

(Target Contact), Would you be the best person to talk to about your company’s accounting software?

If Yes, proceed.

If No, ask for the right target contact.

I was hoping that you might have heard of XYZ Company before?

We are a trusted provider of accounting software in the Asia pacific region. We are currently introducing ABC solution is an accounting software that enables any organization to streamline their business process.

I would like to ask,

What accounting software are you currently using?

How is it working for you? Do you have any problems or issues with your accounting software?

How many users do you have?

Are you open to look for this type of solution for your business?

I would like to arrange for one of my Consultants to contact you and discuss our services and any issues that you might have.

Would you be available on (date) at (time)?

If prospect agreed on the appointment:

Verify all contact details: Complete Name, Address, Job Title, Email address, Contact Number, Direct Line or Mobile Number

Please mark your calendar for our Consultant will contact you on (date) and (time). Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

Earn More Appointments in Singapore with Customize Cold Calling Script. Here’s how…

STEP #6: Product Knowledge

Timeline: This should be done before starting a campaign

Knowledge is power! Providing product information to your sales team is the most important step in every telemarketing campaign. Product knowledge lets the telemarketer relay the right message and answer immediate questions of prospects.

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STEP #7: Practice Role Play

Timeline: This should be done before starting a campaign

Practice makes perfect. Call simulation and role play helps every telemarketer gain confidence because they are can prepare for rebuttals on different scenarios during the actual call.

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STEP #8: Evaluate and Measure results

Timeline: Within 3-5 days since the start of the campaign

Whether you’re calling internally or have considered outsourcing a telemarketing company, evaluating and measuring the results of your campaign can help you identify and solve any issues that could affect your main objective in telemarketing.

What to evaluate?

  • If you have the right database and calling the right people
  • If your script is effective
  • If your telemarketers can deliver the right message and handle objections properly

Telemarketing is used to reach out to your target audience and generate leads for your business. Follow these steps and start a telemarketing campaign to increase your sales and help your business grow.



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5 Ways Outsourcing Telemarketing Services can Resolve Business Dilemma

5 Ways Outsourcing Telemarketing Services can Resolve Business Dilemma

Telemarketing is a tradition way of marketing goods or services by means of a telephone call. The biggest dilemma every business owner is facing is the fear of wasting money. This is why many of them are still having second thoughts about utilizing telemarketing services.

Many business owners think having their own appointment setting team is still the best way to use in telemarketing. However, oftentimes, they don’t have enough resources and tools to become effective in cold calling and eventually generate revenue.

Telemarketing is the fastest way to reach out to your audience and market your products. Contradictory to hype, many SMBs invest on telemarketing. If you belong to those who think telemarketing services is just a waste of time and money, I’ve listed down 5 reasons why you should consider it and how it can resolve business problems.

Direct Marketing

In this generation, telemarketing is one of the fastest and the easiest way to reach out to your target audience. It can help you personalize your sales pitch and get answers right away. If you outsource, your team can save a lot of time and effort in chasing prospects that have no interest in doing business with you. Instead, your team can focus on following up sales ready prospects and closing deals.

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Get High Quality and Experienced Telemarketers

Companies that provide telemarketing services usually hire highly trained professionals to handle telemarketing campaigns for their clients. By signing up, you don’t just get 1 experienced telemarketer but a whole team of professionals represent your company, connect with your prospects and generate leads for your business.

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Generate Revenue

Most decision makers find cold calling annoying most especially on bad days. However, we can’t deny the fact that companies who offer telemarketing services have a track record in delivering ROI. They don’t just generate sales ready leads and appointments, they are consistent, reliable and quick in delivering results.

Cost Effective

Hiring your own telemarketer has many overhead expenses. Outsourced telemarketing service on the other hand is still considered the most cost effective way to generate bulk leads for your business at a lesser cost compared to in-house sales team.

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Flexible Campaigns

Outsourced telemarketing services offer flexible campaigns depending on your budget and marketing goals that delivers results.

  • Halftime Campaign.
  • Monthly campaign.
  • Three Month contract
  • Six Month contract
  • Twelve Month contract

What many business owners don’t realize is in telemarketing is that, when done right, it can generate high quality sales ready leads and is considered as one of the best investments any business can make.

Watch our latest Video here: When Less is More: How to Make Prospects Buy From You [VIDEO] 

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How to Use Telemarketing to Generate More Revenue for Your Business

How to Use Telemarketing to Generate More Revenue for Your Business

Telemarketing is a direct way of marketing wherein a telemarketer calls a prospective customer and promote their products and services.

Large and small businesses use telemarketing because it allows them to reach out to prospects faster, boost leads and generate higher revenue. Some companies choose to have their own in house telemarketing team but many companies nowadays prefer to outsource a B2B lead generation company for a more cost-effective way of reaching out to prospects.

Here’s why you need to utilize telemarketing to generate more revenue for your business.

  • To helps spread information about your company

Whenever a telemarketer calls a prospects, his goal is to close a sale. However, there’s more to that. When a salesperson encountered a prospect that is not interested, regardless of the reason, there’s still an opportunity to get your message across. How? By getting their email addresses, a telemarketer can send out information about his company. In case they might be needing something in the future, they have your information handy and they’ll be the one to contact you instead.

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  • To introduce a new product or service

Telemarketing is the fastest way to promote new products and services. By calling your prospects, you get to deliver the right message to the right person, faster. It even lets you get the result right away whether a prospect is interested or not and evaluate what you can do to improve your product.

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How to Reach the Right Prospects at Right Time with SMART Calling

  • For Customer Retention

Telemarketing allows you to get feedback from your customers. Closing a sale is not enough. But having a loyal customer who is willing to purchase your product over and over again will help you increase your sales. So if you see the number of your customers dropping off, pick up the phone, call then and win them back. Here’s How to Lure Malaysian Leads To Invest on your Business

  • To Promote a Special Offer

Special promotions and discounts were done by companies to increase their sales. And telemarketing is a perfect way to let existing customers aware of this special offer.

  • To Follow up on Any Business Event or Product Launch

Business events and product launch can help increase your sales. By launching an event, you get to meet new prospects for you business. Telemarketing can help you follow up on interested participants in order to make sure and get more people to show up and attend your event.

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So whether you choose to set up your own team or outsource a lead generation company to do a telemarketing campaign for you, it is important that you incorporate telemarketing when promoting your company to help increase sales and boost revenue for your business.


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Outsourcing Guide: Homebased Telemarketer or B2B Telemarketing Company

Telemarketing has emerged as one of the most cost-effective, efficient, and lucrative ways of generating new business. Through it, a business owner can connect with thousands of potential clients, which he can meet face-to-face eventually. Moreover, it rakes in many sales opportunities for a fraction of the price one will pay for traditional marketing campaigns.

When it comes to telemarketing, a business has two options – outsource it to a B2B company or hire homebased telemarketers to do the job. Well, each one has its advantages, and comparing those might help you see which choice will fit your business needs perfectly.

Let us go over the benefits of both homebased and outsourced telemarketing, then you decide which one will work for you seamlessly.

Benefits of Outsourced Telemarketing Services

Benefits of Outsourced Telemarketing Services


By outsourcing your telemarketing needs, you will be able to tap into the industry experience of your provider at a fixed cost. You no longer have to train people or have an infrastructure in place, since your provider will take care of everything. Admin and overhead expenses are significantly lowered.

Budgeting becomes easier

Outsourcing takes the weight of budgeting and financial planning off your shoulders. Since the deal is between you and the service provider, you will no longer have to deal with individual employees. Instead, all you must do is set a monthly cost, thereby allowing you to adjust your level of spending month-to-month, as needed.

Increased productivity

Having an outsourced team of telemarketers affords you time to focus on other areas of your business, specifically those that need utmost attention, since you no longer have to manage an in-house team.

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No more training needed

Results are produced right away since your outsourced telemarketers have already gone through a rigorous recruitment process courtesy of your service provider. That takes a huge load off your shoulders. Moreover, you’re guaranteed that your telemarketers are specially trained to perform their tasks to the highest standard.

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Benefits of Homebased Telemarketers

Benefits of Homebased Telemarketers

Keeps costs down

Like outsourced telemarketers, using a company that employs homebased telemarketers keeps your consumable costs down. Homebased workers use their own equipment, furniture, and whatnots, so you don’t have to worry about those. You also don’t need to rent office space.

Individual payouts are lowered

Most homebased employees don’t demand sick pays or holiday entitlements, so the cost of hiring proficient telemarketers is significantly decreased.


Because homebased telemarketers hold their own time (that is, if you don’t need them to clock in or work straight eight-hour days), they can make calls any time of the day or at hours that suit your needs.

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No more excuses

With homebased telemarketers, you no longer have to put up with lousy excuses on why they missed work (missed the bus, car broke down, got caught in traffic).

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Both are technically the same, that is, hiring homebased workers and outsourcing to B2B companies. The difference probably lies in the “formality” of the work environment. Homebased workers work from the comfort of their own homes, so they work with less pressure involved. That makes them happier and more at ease with the workflow. Telemarketers outsourced to a B2B company, on the other hand, have a more professional approach.

The choice is up to you, but rest assured that both can and will give you the results you need because their livelihood depends on their job.


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Stop Objections!!! Double Your IT Sales Leads with These 3 Tips

Stop Objections!!! Double Your IT Sales Leads with These 3 Tips

What is an objection?

An objection is an expression, statement, question or a feeling of opposition or unwillingness of a prospect to buy what you’re offering.

So you now have a good product waiting to help your customer’s needs. However, your sales reps have been getting too many objections from their prospects, leaving them with no leads at all.

You’re not alone.

According to Ed Howats of addiewoods.com, study shows that prospects who are interested to buy have 58% more objections. tweet this!

Most IT salesperson have experienced objections when presenting their product or service. Prospects object because they are afraid to decide especially if it involves money. Most sales reps think of objections as barriers to their success. The truth is, they’re not! Here’s how to rebound from a horrible sales call.

When prospects object, it allows them to better understand your product or service. Every time they raises an objection indicates an opportunity for sales reps to identify and understand the prospect’s needs and concerns.

Here are some of the tips that will help your sales reps handle objections the right way.

Identify your common objections.

Every salesperson use different approach when calling. Not all objections are the same. Knowing what your common objections are and finding out how to overcome them can improve sales and reduce costs.

Here are the 5 main reasons why prospects object:

  • Need. They don’t need what you’re offering when you called.
  • Feature. You don’t have what they’re looking for.
  • Time.  They don’t have time to talk by the time that you called.
  • Price. They find your product or service expensive.

TIP: List down all kinds of objections encountered in all of your calls.

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Prepare standard rebuttals to common objections.

Sales experts don’t just anticipate objections, they prepare for it before making calls. Know the 10 Habits of a Highly-Productive Salesperson

Take note of all possible rebuttals that might work per objection and use them to handle different objections. Here are some of the common objections and their rebuttals.


Objection: I’m not interested. We’re happy with what we have.

Rebuttal: That’s okay. I understand. May I ask what are you using for your…


Objection: We just bought it last year.

Rebuttal: I see. So when will be your next evaluation? / When do you have plans to have this kind of project?


Objection: That’s not what we’re looking for as of the moment.

Rebuttal: That’s okay. May I ask, are there any areas you wish to improve?


Objection: I’m in the middle of meeting right now/ I’m busy.

Rebuttal: I understand. When is the best time for me to give you a call back?


Objection: We don’t have a budget for that.

Rebuttal: I see. When will your budget be available?

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Ask questions and Look for other opportunities.

Most of the time, you don’t have their full attention. Never accept an objection especially if your only until the introduction part. There are 2 ways to handle these types of objections:

  • With an interested prospect who didn’t let you finish your spiel before asking questions about your product and services.
  • Address their question then go back to your spiel.


Agent: I’m with XYZ Company and we specialize in helping companies… (prospect interrupts)

Prospect: Do you have a solution that can help us manage our business operations?

Agent: Yes. We can help you with that. We are a consulting company and we help business improve their business operations.

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Continue with the probing part.

  • With a prospect who didn’t let you finish your spiel and block the call.
  • Address the objection then probe by asking questions about their current setup.


Agent: I’m with XYZ Company and we Microsoft Gold certified partner and we specialize in… (prospect interrupts)

Prospect: We’re not interested. We’re happy with what we have.

Agent: That’s okay. I understand. May I ask what software are you using for your accounting?

Prospect: We’re using Sage.

Agent: I see. How long have you been using it? (wait for prospects response) Do you have any issues or challenges with Sage?

(Continue getting to know about their current setup…)


So don’t be afraid of objections! Not all objections in telemarketing are bad. Some indicates interest which is good for you and your business when handled correctly.


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When Less is More: How to Make Prospects Buy From You from Callbox on Vimeo.

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5 Mistakes That Attract Sales Objection: How to Turn it into a Success!

Regardless of the size of your business, marketing and sales are the ones who generate revenue in an organization. Without these two, it’s hard to keep and build a steady flow of customers and even support the growth of a company. Any mistake within your process can make or break your business.

Sales is not as easy as calling a prospect and setting up an appointment. All the pressures that you experience in creating and implementing  your sales plan to reaching your target sometimes feel too much. Because of trying to hit all the numbers, most salespeople can’t maximize all of their resources. They pressure themselves and all they can think about is to close a sale which leads them to make simple mistakes. These simple mistakes sometimes attract objections from prospects.

Here are the 5 common mistakes salespeople make that attract objections and how to turn them into a success.

Mistake #1: Study shows that 42% of salespeople don’t have enough information before calling a prospect.

Preparation is the key to success but most sales reps find themselves calling and hoping for the best on every call. Don’t generalize your prospects. Don’t think that you can call them and expect the same scenario because every prospect has different needs. They don’t expect you to have an answer in  every question but you have to be ready, in case  they throw you out-of-the context inquiries that  might lead you to lose your credibility.


Sales expert or not, you need to make sure you’re aware of the product and services that you’re offering. Most of the time, prospect would object because sales rep don’t appear to know what they’re offering. If you have enough knowledge you may be able to turn objections into a possible lead. How?

  • By asking questions about their current setup (What they’re using,for how long and if they have a provider, etc.)
  • Offer your product or services. Focus on what you have that can benefit them  most.

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Mistake #2: When doing telemarketing, you must be aggressive, but in the right way,  especially when asking questions to your prospect.

Assertiveness is one of the good habits of a productive salesperson when it is done properly. It shows confidence and gives the prospect a feeling that you know what you’re talking about. Sounding natural over the phone makes them feel confident about what you’re offering.
However, becoming overly assertive, can create an aggressive tone. Being too pushy will cause prospects to brush you off instead of listening to what you can offer because they’ll feel like they’re being pressured to make a decision right away.


Express yourself effectively and be direct to the point. While respecting the rights and beliefs of the person you’re talking to.

Mistake #3: You were left wondering what happened. Never disregard what your prospect is saying just to get what you want.


Sales rep: “Hi! My name is Anna from XYZ company. I’m calling about your software. I understand you are the best person to talk to about this?”

Prospect: “Now is not  a good time to talk.”

Sales rep: “That’s okay, I understand. You see, we are a software reseller and I understand you are the best person that I can speak with who can decide on this one, am I correct? ”

Prospect: [Hangs up]

You’re only implying that you are not listening. Most people hang up when being ignored.


  • If you’re into this situation you can say; “That’s okay. I understand. So when is the best time to give you a call back?” Then, immediately thanked the prospect and end the call gracefully

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Mistake #4: Being defensive means lack of confidence or a form of  insecurity

Only discuss information your prospects need to hear. If the prospect hasn’t brought it up, giving too much information leads to an uncomfortable conversation.


Sales rep: I’m just wondering, have you worked with XYZ company(number 1 competitor) before?

Prospect: Yes! We’ve worked with them for a year.

Sales rep: We provide better service than them. You see, they have many issues with their clients. Our services include … and you can definitely benefit on this one.

It’s okay to discuss about your competitor. However, NEVER bring other brands down. Even when prospect bring it up and mentioned something bad about them, just focus on promoting the benefits of your product or service.


  • If the prospect mentioned something your competitor didn’t do, you can push the benefits of your product or service and offer that you can help them on that issue.
  • ask what are the concerns and the need of the prospect and offer what needs to be done to turn the situation around.

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Mistake #5: You can use a script or you may not – either way is fine. But sounding like you’re reading a script is a turnoff to every prospect.

When a salesperson sounds like they’re reading from a script, prospects will feel like they’re talking to a robot and won’t feel bad if they hang up the phone.


  • Use the script as your guide (In case you forget something).
  • Speak in your natural tone for the entire duration of the call.
  • Speak slowly. Know when to pause and when to stop. Don’t know how long? Around 2 counts.
  • Be conversational. Try to use conjunctions to connect your words. (NOTE: You may use fillers but minimize them)

Don’t commit any of these 5 sales mistakes that attract objections. Use these tips and turn mistakes into a success.


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Rebound After A Horrible Sales Call from Callbox on Vimeo.


5 Ways to Get your Erp Software Noticed By C-Level Buyers
Financial Businesses Should Not Underestimate the Value of Lead Generation

Why Listening is an Important Component in Telemarketing

Why Listening is an Important Component in Telemarketing

Telemarketing and lead generation are more than just listening, it’s also about hearing and understanding what the other person is saying, regardless if it’s on the phone or in person. B2B lead generation requires you to ask questions in order to learn more about your target prospect. Listening is used to determine for “buying” signals that indicate if prospects are ready to purchase.

Although in telemarketing, you have a script that you can use as your guide and can help you start with a conversation, listening is important to know when to ask the right question at the right time. Here’s what to do when calling a prospect on a bad day.

The most important skill that a professional sales must possess is the ability to listen and understanding what the person on the other line is actually saying. It may sound easy but understanding truly why you need to listen plays an important part to become successful in cold calling.

If you don’t listen, you may sound a bit too pushy driving the prospect away instead of gaining their trust. So when do we really use listening?

Listening is a skill that can be acquired and develop in time. We listen to:

  1. Build trust. Trust can make a prospect change his mind and listening is the key.
  2. Show RESPECT and EMPATHY for other people.
  3. Gather information. Read more about customer profiling in Malaysia..

Here are some tips on how to enhance your listening skills.

Focus on the prospect

Sales reps must learn to give prospects 100% of their attention from the start of the call to the end. They must pay attention not only to what the prospect is saying but to details such as; the tone and volume of the prospect’s voice as well as the words they are using.

Prevent yourself from being distracted by colleagues or other external noises and concentrate on your prospect.

Here’s how to reach more prospects in Malaysia.

Listen to key information

Every sales reps must learn how to read between the lines and understand the thought as to what the prospect is actually saying.

Listen for key feelings

Feel­ings are just as important as facts. When a sales rep noticed the prospects emotion, it gives him clues as to how to han­dle the call. Noticing that a prospect is upset or appears to be short on time will give the sales rep hint on what to do next. Listen to the emotion in your prospect’s voice and ask yourself, “Does it match the words they are using?”


When faced with a prospect who’s in a hurry, the sales rep must know exactly how much time he needs to ask important questions such as, “When is the best time for me to callback?”

Clarify understanding

Sales reps must do this to make sure the prospect is heard and under­stood. How?

  • Ask a con­firm­ing ques­tion (ask them to elaborate, if necessary)
  • Ask the question again.
  • Ask the prospect to repeat what he just mentioned. (WARNING: be careful not to let the prospect repeat it more than twice)

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Don’t Interrupt

Let the prospect finish what they are saying as interruption is a big turn off. It will make prospects think that you’re objecting from what they are saying. Avoid preventing the prospect from saying something by interrupting them. Chances are, you might miss some of the important details he’ll mention on the conversation.

Make sure to have pen and paper ready

Make it a habit to have a pen and paper handy to take note of all important information provided by the prospect.

Note: If you are thinking of what to say or what will happen next while the prospect is talking, then you are NOT listening. So while the prospect is saying something, focus on listening and taking down notes.

Communication is a two-way process. Telemarketing is less about talking and more about listening. Most of the time, sales reps are too eager to say their sales pitch so they tend to do all the talking instead of listening. In order to convert leads into sales, understand and enhance your listening skills using these tips.


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Contradictory to the Hype: IT SMBs Should Invest on Telemarketing

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5 Ways to Get your Erp Software Noticed By C-Level Buyers
Financial Businesses Should Not Underestimate the Value of Lead Generation



Contradictory to the Hype: IT SMBs Should Invest on Telemarketing

Contradictory to the Hype: IT SMBs Should Invest on Telemarketing

Are you an IT Company who aspires to become one of the biggest IT companies in the future? Together with other business owners from different industry, I guess your goal is to increase your revenue, right?

All IT growing companies, regardless of its size need help when reaching out to their target audience as a way of marketing their products or services. When it comes to marketing, telemarketing is one of the oldest and most effective way of letting prospects aware of your company.

Telemarketing is the fastest way to contact your target prospects directly over the phone, offering phone or office appointments to those who are interested and would like to know more about your products and services. It helps companies promote by contacting prospects directly offering a more personalized approach of informing them about your company.

Small, medium or large IT companies can utilize telemarketing to help them increase their revenue. The main challenges for small and medium IT companies is the time and manpower to do telemarketing in house. This has led to an increase in the popularity of outsourcing telemarketing operations.

What small and medium IT companies can get when they consider outsourcing telemarketing?

Having a Customized Campaign

Many telemarketing companies have packages to choose from based on the needs of their clients. They can customize the campaign depending on the budget and the type of campaign. Clients have options to pay per lead or appointment and can also choose a month to month campaign depending on their marketing budget.

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Promote Productivity and Growth

Telemarketing companies are capable of delivering results that meet the specific needs of the business. It provides large quantities of high- quality, sales-ready leads and appointments in a short period of time by directly contacting targeted prospects that are considered good opportunities to get maximum ROI. 

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Trained and Experienced Sales Reps

Small and medium IT companies don’t have enough people to do cold calling and look for possible prospects for their company. Outsourcing a telemarketing company with professional telemarketers who are experts and are trained at lead generation can provide high quality, sales-ready leads for your business by directly contacting targeted prospects.  They are equipped with knowledge which means they know exactly what they are doing.

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Managed a Campaign with the Right Tools

Telemarketing agencies use different kinds of tools to help monitor their marketing campaigns. They are also using tools to manage and nurture leads, when to call and when to send the right emails at the right time. Telemarketing companies provide reports on a weekly basis using their reporting tool to help clients keep track of what going on with their campaign.

Small and medium IT businesses also have high sales aspirations. However, they have limited marketing budgets to accomplish them. Using telemarketing makes perfect sense to achieve sales and have sales-ready leads that will help them compete with larger companies and eventually improve the status of your business.


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What is Telemarketing and How to Start Calling?

What is Telemarketing and How to Start Calling?

What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a method of direct marketing in which a salesperson solicits prospective customers to buy products or services, either over the phone or through a subsequent face to face or Web conferencing appointment scheduled during the call. Telemarketing can also include recorded sales pitches programmed to be played over the phone via automatic dialing.

There are 2 types of telemarketing:

Outbound is proactively contacting both the prospective and existing customers

Inbound is the reception of incoming calls/orders.

Telemarketing is categorized according to target audience:

B2B or Business to Business which means that one business makes a commercial transaction with another.

B2C or Business to Consumer which targets individuals or residential customers. Consumer goods and/or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit.

Telemarketing provides the following services:

Lead Generation which is gathering of  information

Appointment Setting either by phone or office meeting between a client and an interested prospect

Data Profiling includes cleansing, verification, deduplication and management of contact details

Call-to-Invite is inviting and registering prospects to an event

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After over a couple of decades of success, Telemarketing started to face setbacks as regulatory bodies like the US Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority), and Singapore’s PDPC (Personal Data Protection Commission) imposed DNC (Do Not Call) and DNE (Do Not Email) policies. A list of contact details in a secure database where individuals and organisations can register, check or remove their telephone, mobile and fax numbers to opt out of receiving most unsolicited telemarketing calls and faxes.

Scams and frauds, robocalls, spamming emails, high pressure sales techniques (being too pushy), telephone slamming (swapping service without the customer’s knowledge) and off-timing calls (calling prospects early in the morning, late in the evening or even during weekends) were common complaints among prospects which caused implementation of the said restrictions.

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Is Telemarketing still at its best?

Improved processes and technologies helped telemarketing surmount challenges and made it still one of the many preferred marketing strategies by businesses. The prospecting process has grown into a smarter scheme, designed to help you get at the foot door of your target prospects at the best time – when he is most ready and interested.

Technology advancements like platforms integration of marketing automation tool and the crm, auto dialers, and data washing tools effectively deliver multi-touch, multi-channel marketing programs that could power up efficient lead management, campaign  monitoring and lead nurturing.

While seasoned and skilled sales and marketing people continue to acquire new experiences and learn new knowledge to stay competitive in the field. Below are simple, condensed reminders they tell themselves before making telemarketing calls:  


  • Have the target list washed to get rid of dnc and dne listed contacts
  • Set up an automation scheme that will deliver the right message to the right prospect at the right time
  • Maximize all the marketing channels like voice, email, social, web and mobile to generate sales-ready leads to scale up sales numbers.
  • Each call offers an opportunity to succeed.

10 years ago, telemarketing was predicted to disappear from the business realm, but it oddly stayed. And with all the efforts on process and technology  improvement, it seems like more businesses will still be looking for telemarketing providers who would generate leads, set up appointments, profile data or invite prospects to events, on their behalf.


Callbox Shares Lead Qualification Secrets Through Answering 4Ws and 1H

Callbox Shares Lead Qualification Secrets Through Answering 4Ws and 1H


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Wikipedia, www.donotcall.gov.au, www.pdpc.gov.sg


About Rona Gumban

Rona Gumban


Rona is the Production Leader for Callbox APAC clients. She has handled campaigns such as lead generation, appointment setting and call to invite for different industries. Having worked for Callbox for several years, she knows the how to make each campaign successful.




Sales Volume Freeze Over. De-Frost through Effective Telemarketing Campaign

Don’t Let your Sales Volume Freeze Over

While everyone knows that overrated theme song in that overrated movie, everyone has to be aware of the potential dangers of freezing sales volume.


Photo by http://i.imgur.com/8vGIr7O.gif

Freezing temperatures pose a great danger to a lot of things, even to B2B marketers. Ice-cold lead generation telemarketing programs are inefficient in the sense that they are not producing qualified B2B leads for the sales pipeline. Indeed, without qualified B2B leads, it is difficult for a business to meet sales goals.

It is thus vital for managers to maintain and enhance their lead generation program. More importantly, managers should also prevent their campaigns from freezing over.

Here are ways to defrost your telemarketing program and produce a good flow of sales closes.

Don’t Settle with Rejections.

Any experienced telemarketer can tell you that rejections are a hindrance. But what do you got to do? It is basically a fact of life in B2B lead generation. A prospect might need more time to think it through. It might be because there is an absence of urgency. But given these conditions, is there a reason to “let it go” that easy? No. Instead, keep the prospect within your lead management database and provide it with informational materials that might convince them to reconsider your offers.

Track your leads.

One way to know whether your campaign is producing as intended is to track the activity of individual leads. This could be done through an effective lead analytics system tailored for companies that manage a large volume of decision-makers. Moreover, observing metrics such as page views and web conversions can help you highlight the high and low points of your campaign.

Manage leads. Monitor campaigns. Nurture relationships Here’s how!

Change your perspective.

Perhaps, one reason that your campaign is not functioning is because of your approach. Conversations are central in every telemarketing contact. And it makes a difference how you approach your prospects. If you start off with sales pitches during the contact, a prospect would most likely decline your offers. Instead of acting like a quintessential salesman, focus on the most important issues confronting your prospects and gradually build up the conversation until the prospect becomes “sales-ready.”

Aside from Telemarketing, find more ways of reaching out to your prospecting. Try Multi Channel Marketing!



No one wants frostbite any more than your marketing campaign. Doing the above mentioned activities however can be made more effective by a competent B2B lead generation company. Nothing beats a warm hand to melt away the ice.

These companies have made their successful business ventures:

Case Study: Training and Telemarketing – an Award-Winning Tandem

Well-Documented Multinational Company Switches to Telemarketing, Lowers Cost Per Lead by 60%


Don’t let your sales freeze out.

Get Qualified Leads, Employ Successful Telemarketing Campaign. Here’s How!


Tongue-Tied? 5 Effective Ways to Improve your Telemarketing Skills

telemarketing tips

In many cases, telemarketers make certain mistakes that can instantly turn off  prospects, or simply convince them to opt out from an offer.

Mistakes happen all the time, but the bad part of it is that they can produce bad impressions for your brand and can instantly hurt your B2B lead generation and appointment setting. The good part of it is that you can instantly learn from these mistakes so that the second you engage another lead, you will know what to say and what not to say.

And while you are learning, be sure to check these tips out for a smoother audience engagement experience.


For newbie B2B telemarketers, this is a no brainer. Buying yourself time to train yourself in talking to a business prospect lessens your anxiety. The only downside to this is that contacts can be spontaneous, asking questions you haven’t prepared yourself for. This leads us to our next point.

Use a call script

A script is always handy when you have a production quota to meet. It also provides a good list of things to say that can effectively guide you when things get a little too complicated. Especially when you are not much of an expert about the product you are promoting, a good call script makes it possible use your communication skills to improve your chances of getting a sales appointment.

Personalize your calls

Too often, call scripts limit spontaneity. Of course, this is a big no-no when you intend to create long-term relationships with potential clients. As much as possible, try to connect with your audience the same way you connect with someone asking for directions. Refer to call scripts only when you feel the conversation is moving towards a dead-end.

Use data profiling

A data profiling system comes in handy when you want to learn how best to approach a certain prospect. Such software allows you to uncover the fine details about the people you are going to contact and makes sure that you interact with leads who might get the most out of your brand.

Don’t sprint. Let your audience keep up

Being too eager can sometimes be counter-productive. A prospect would get easily annoyed if you keep on rambling about your product without giving them  some talking space. Essentially, telemarketing calls are all about taking into  account the current priorities and needs of the prospect. Asking them the right questions and giving them ample time to voice out their concerns allows them to stick to your propositions like flies to a spider’s web (for a lack of a more appropriate analogy).

Ways Malaysian Companies can Reinforce their Events Telemarketing

Ways Malaysian Companies can Reinforce their Events Telemarketing

Telemarketing is an important strategy Malaysian companies can use to publicize their events. However, cold-calling prospects to attend your event proves to be insufficient.

What your event telemarketing needs is a good boost from these top tips courtesy of LeadForensics.com:

Tip 1: Create an enticing pre-event campaign (and have some fun!)

Creating a pre-event buzz around your brand is guaranteed to drive delegates to your stand, but you’re going to have to think outside the box if you want to stand out from the competition. If you want to turbo-charge your event lead generation, it’s time to put down the bland ‘Visit our stand’ message and create exciting pre-event content that can engage your audience and capture those leads.

Tip 2: Conduct a survey or research study to support your event

Content marketing is all the rage right now, and that doesn’t stop when at a conference or marketing event. With some strategic thinking and a little pre-planning you can boost your on-the-day lead generation with a live industry study or survey, while speaking to delegates on your stand (it makes a great conversation starter too).

By creating a short survey of questions related to your industry, your delegates needs and their future predictions (as an example), you’ll have all the data you need to create an original whitepaper or marketing guide.

Creating a captivating first-hand research paper and then distributing it to your attendees will help boost lead generation and reinforce your brand as a trusted information resource.

Tip 3: Take the event experience into hyper-drive

Encouraging delegates to visit your stand (or workshop) on the day is kind of the point, but what about all those prospects who couldn’t make it to the stand?

If you’re feeling techy (and brave) hosting and streaming live from your event can be an effective way of boosting your on-the-day lead generation. Engineering.com felt brave enough to pull it off, and saw 4 times as many people attend the webinar as were at the event workshop itself (well, they are engineers!).

By extending your on-the-day reach online with live webinars, social media events or video streaming, you’ll boost your opportunities for lead generation and put your brand at the forefront of tech-savvy online/offline integration (impressive!).