4 Reasons Why Malaysian B2B Companies need Data Profiling

Why Malaysian B2B Companies need Data Profiling

As B2B lead generation becomes more advanced and B2B buyers are strict in their choices, companies have noted the importance of keeping their databases free from errors. With a data profiling system in place, B2B firms are able to keep their marketing campaigns highly efficient.

A good quality list is the most important element of a successful B2B marketing campaign. Having a high quality, profiled database with names and email addresses allows you to send targeted messages to your prospects. Having a targeted list minimizes marketing costs and increase response rates. Here’s how to know if you’re wasting resources on dirty marketing list

But what are the gains in having an accurate and high quality data? Here are the benefits of data profiling to your B2B marketing list.

#1: Promotes accuracy.

One basic function of data profiling is that it allows you to deliver the right message to the right people. Before letting your team send out emails to your target audience, you have to make sure your marketing list is accurate so it will be easier for you to convert prospects into a sales ready lead. Here’s what happens when your marketing list is off targeted

#2: Identifies duplicates.

Calling or emailing the same company over and over again can hurt your company’s reputation. Another advantage of data profiling is you get to see if there are any duplicate data that need to be removed within your marketing list. Schedule and proactively scrub your data on a regular basis to eliminate unwanted duplicate leads. You might want to check out these data profiling tools.

#3: Updates old data.

Having an old data means calls and emails are often directed to the wrong person. Old data can compromise the success of your campaign by distracting you from the data you currently NEED to effectively engage with your prospects. Data profiling allows you to double check on your leads and update them regularly.

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#4: Reduces cost.

Data profiling allows companies to reduce cost because you’re making sure that what’s included in your list are accurate. You won’t be wasting your team’s effort in sending marketing materials and calling wrong prospects. Plus, data profiling allows you to identify and eliminate redundant data and eliminate them from your database. Outdated information is not useful as it will only pollute your records.  

Although data profiling may take time as you need to call or research every contact within your marketing list. Marketing automation allows B2B companies to streamline automate every marketing tasks and workflows to increase revenue faster. Learn more about our marketing automation and lead nurturing process.

There are tons of marketing automation software incorporating a data profiling system. When choosing a system that’s right for you, you will need to conduct thorough research.

However, some companies prefer outsourcing a lead generation company to handle data profiling as well as lead generation campaigns for them. It reduces cost as they don’t need to buy any software to use for data profiling.

Without data profiling, you will continue to target and send information to wrong people. But if you invest in profiling, you will be able to deliver the right message to right people and increase your revenue by having interested prospects within your targeted list. 

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