Why “Qualified” Lead Matter So Much for Businesses in Malaysia

Why “Qualified” Lead Matter So Much for Businesses in Malaysia

Regardless of the size of your company or what type of industry you’re into, lead generation is important because it creates interest in your products and services among your target audience.

And in order to be truly effective, it is essential that your sales and marketing departments are aligned when it comes to identifying a qualified lead.

So what is a qualified lead?

A definition of a good qualified lead varies from business to business. Most companies define qualified lead as CHAMP or sales ready customers who:

  • Shows interest on your product or service
  • Are experiencing challenges within their organization
  • Are authorized to make a decision as to what, where and who to consider when purchasing a product
  • Has the money and request quotes about your product or service
  • Has the timeline as to when and what challenges and issues within their organization to prioritize

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But why are qualified leads important?

A qualified lead is someone who is interested to buy from your company.  With so many competitors in the market, having someone that shows interest in what you are offering is a great opportunity for your business.

Qualified leads are easy to convert into close deals because these are prospects who expressed strong interest for your company.  Less effort and time spent for the sales and marketing team to contact and nurture these prospects because of higher close opportunities.

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Having more qualified leads means more potential customers and having more customers means more money for your business.

However, prospects who are not yet ready to purchase should not be taken for granted. They are still qualified leads and can be considered as future customers once nurtured and followed up properly depending on what stage of their sales cycle they’re into.



Here’s How to  Get Qualified Busines Leads in Malaysia

Dial +60 3.2772.7370

Learn more about our Lead Nurturing Process

Learn more about our Lead Nurturing Process



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