Most Recommended Lead Generation Tips to Improve Logistics Company’s Sales

3 Recommended To Do's to Improve a Logistics Company's Sales

Distribution, transport,freight, hubbing and consolidation, orders and retailing are among the basic prime services of a logistics company. Their workflows are numbers-driven and require proper time management.

In Malaysia, the logistics business comes next to manufacturing in terms of progress but both have contributed to the country’s booming economy. Despite the challenge on prospecting, the logistics industry is thriving in the supply chain market. And for those logistics companies who are able to testify success, lead generation has played an important role in their stories.

Each lead generation company may have its own 5, 10 or many ways of helping a logistics company hit its sales goals but let’s take a look at the three most important ways that summarize how lead generation can improve a logistic company’s sales numbers.

Profiling the Customer

As a logistics company, you very well know who your target customers are but getting to know them better is another thing to work on. Customer profiling will help you identify your prospect’s demographic and psychological characteristics.

What to do:

Have your database profiled by scrubbing off wastes or invalid contacts like DNCs, verifying and updating information like contact names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. Also, compose some probing questions that will help you discover your prospects’ buying behaviors like how long is the evaluation, when and how they purchase and the approving process of decision makers.

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Monitoring the KPI (key performance indicators)

A logistics company’s strength lies in numbers – managing millions of square feet of space, keeping a daily of track its growth and by delivering millions of units of consumer products from one region to another is one tough goal to achieve. This is the reason why, the lead generation program must also be kept monitored.

What to do:

Monitor all KPIs from all marketing channels

Calling – keep track of the number of leads and have a ready disaster recovery action plan for each challenged met.

Emailskeep data integrity in your database. Have all bounced emails verified and replace invalid ones to ensure a flawless communication between you and the prospects. This way you will be assured that your message is sent to the right person at the right time. Bounce rate should not exceed at 10% of the total number of emails delivered. Also note that bounces are likely impacted by some factors like subject line appeal, length as well as the email content structure and CTAs.

Web – make sure that your offers are well represented on the web. Content marketing can help your logistics services be known and recognized by your target customers if done right: benefits are primarily positioned for the customers to see in a compelling but realistic approach and CTAs (call to action) and hyperlinks are fast and easy to use for querying customers.

Monitoring website’s data through marketing tools like analytics will show you the number of website visitors, how many of them turn into leads or how many of them comes back and read your blog.

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Reporting and Collaborating Actions

With  the help of technology innovations like automation and nurture tools, lead generation programs are now able to track customer actions and easily respond real-time.

What to do:

Integrate the automation tools with your CRM for easy tracking of real-time alerts. Collaborate with your lead generation team and discuss both campaign successes and challenges through detailed reporting. Acknowledge both the daily successes achieved by the team as well as the challenges they encounter. Remember, that you’re working with a team of sales and marketing professionals who are subject-matter-experts in the lead generation field but you also have to consider other factors that might impact the campaign such as customer responses and business/industry’s economic status.

The 2016 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index showed Malaysia ranked 4th surging economy giants like Saudi Arabia (5), Brazil (6) and Indonesia (7).

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Run a multi-channel lead generation program that includes all the three important ways that can help your logistics business improve and hit its target sales numbers: profiling the customer, monitoring the KPI and reporting and collaborating actions.

Your success would definitely become a factor to Malaysia’s worldwide acclaim in the logistics industry.


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