Prepping your Lead Generation Plan for Malaysia in 2017

Prepping your Lead Generation Plan for Malaysia in 2017

Homes are cleaned and decorated, debts are settled, offerings and prayers are made, plenty of foods are prepared and new clothes are purchased and family members reunite – things that Malaysians prepare before the New Year comes.

Planning ahead is good habit. In business, filling out your calendar with forward actions for the coming year will not only give you and your business direction but will motivate you to achieve daily successes. Below are some tools that you may include in preparing your lead generation plan in 2017:

Social Media Has Just Gotten More Sociable

Edison Research showed Facebook as the top social media platform preferred by most marketers, next in line are Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter.

Note that Snapchat made a big leap into the top five from it’s previous rank (8th) in 2014. Does this mean including Snapchat in your as your marketing tool for 2017 is “a must”? That’s for you to decide

Regardless of which social platform you regard as the best marketing tool for your business it all boils down to a single analysis: says “Social media gives marketers a voice and a way to communicate with peers, customers, and potential consumers. It personalizes the “brand” and helps you to spread your message in a relaxed and conversational way.” 

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Trade Shows Bear All

Marketingsage firmly believes that “Trade shows are a great way to demonstrate products and to meet people face-to-face. They are very useful when you sell products that require a demonstration or that need to be handled by the prospect. For these reasons, trade shows are usually good for introducing new types of products or for complex products.”

In trade shows, you can bear almost everything about your product and can instantly acquire leads after a quick chat with a visitor getting into this gratifying part require a full effort and resources preparation. To help you out check some guerilla marketing ideas for staging a trade show from Handshake and posted trade events in Asia Pacific for 2017 from Eventseye.

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Webinars Are Doing Good So Far has Webinars in their list of best ideas for 2017. They say “You are able to speak directly to your users, give them information and teach them what you know. Give them great training and show them real-life applications.”

Online meetings may come fast and easy for most marketers and for any business specialist for that matter but have you got the best webinar tool to use? The list below are the top five webinar tools from Small Business Trends:

Click here for more in-demand webinar tools.

Mobile Is Going An Extra Mile

Mobile marketing has swept the hearts of marketers. Econsultancy bore four things you ought to know about mobile marketing in Asia Pacific:

  • Asia Pacific companies are rising to the challenge and investing in mobile.
  • Experimentation will be key over the next 12 months.
  • Many organizations lack a strategic direction for their mobile marketing.
  • Companies in Asia have taken the leap

There is no doubt that mobile marketing will be much utilized by more companies in 2017 as digital giants continue to create and recreate mobile applications that enhance contactability between consumers and businesses. Read this Top Tips to a Better Mobile Marketing

Content Is Worth All Efforts Spent

Like a race car competing against a speeding aeroplane – that;s how content marketing is fastly rising and maturing in Asia Pacific. Consumers are getting more interested for knowledge and engaged for using trusted brands.

Will this trend continue in 2017?

Forbes confirms and presents: Content Marketing Trends – What to expect in 2017 and beyond:

  • Live streaming will grow in popularity. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and SnapChat will continue to offer easy-to-use apps for hosting live demos.
  • Virtual reality might take off.
  • More email newsletters.
  • Storytelling will become a key part of content marketing
  • Push advertising will fade away and be replaced with native advertising.

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Distribution Channels

Marketers will continue to use methods of sharing information via email, video, downloadable reports and blog posts. These channels are easily available via mobile so Forbes suggests “Make your blog and site easy to read on mobile devices.”

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Prep your lead generation plan for 2017 now, or you’ll cram like fireworks popping in the Chinese New year celebration.


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