What drives a Successful Lead Gen Campaign for Software Companies?

I was chilling on a comfy sofa sipping a cup of mint tea at Acme Bar & Coffee, a lofty cafe beside KLCC, when a co-worker of mine, Sazali, came in and got his own drink, matcha. It was almost 6pm and we both just got off from the office, and an after-work tea drinking spree seemed to be the most relaxing way to start the weekend. Well, it is indeed for me but maybe otherwise for this co-worker, with whom I spent talking for more than an hour – not about love nor life but still, work.

“My team and I are quite challenged with the current campaign we are handling – decision makers are quite evasive so we were not able deliver enough leads for the client this week…might be another unsuccessful software campaign for our LOB” he said. “… a common issue for lead generation campaigns” I thought.

Our cups of tea are still too hot to finish so I thought and without any apprehension, I shared with him some wise ideas that would drive success for a software campaign.

“Software campaigns require careful execution of strategic processes by deeply understanding the product features and benefits, and an open communication line among working teams in order to achieve the best results. You have to maximize both Tools and Skills, you need to Innovate and Evolve with technology and trends and learn to Value Time.”

“That seems much to do!” he exclaimed.

“Nope!” I quickly retorted, “just carefully take things one at a time but keep focused on your daily targets to hit the best results”.

Careful Strategy Execution

Study and learn in order to have product-specific knowledge before you can present the software’s value proposition to your target decision makers: WIIFM (what’s in it for me) – what does your software do and how can it be beneficial to their business. Once you have the concrete knowledge about the product, you will be able to conceptualize on which processes and strategies are most applicable and effective when talking to target customers. Below are some proven strategies for Software campaigns:

  • Customer Profiling – profile the database right from the start, up to the last call made in the whole campaign duration to keep it accurate and well-managed.

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  • Manage Tasks, Monitor Results – aside from keeping track of your numbers everyday, also note the challenges encountered in the campaign and come up with ideas to cope. It would do best if you get to involve the whole team to brainstorm which at the same will keep them aware of the current status of the campaign and how far to go to achieve the best results.
  • Tools Maximization – most lead generation providers nowadays invest not just in people skills but in tools that would hasten the campaign progress: CRMs that can contain bulk of contacts and information, Lead Nurture Tools that let’s you manage leads, follow ups and email communication at specific timing and accuracy.

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Open Communication

Communication is  two-way process which occurs between the speaker and the listener. Never limit communication just among you and your team but involve the client as well. After all, they’re the most and should be the first to know “what’s going on” about their campaign/product.

  • Have all collaterals (script, brochures, email copies) approved by your client to make sure everyone is knowledgeably aligned.

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  • Hold a regular (daily, weekly) meeting to update each other with the current status of the campaign, specifically tackle challenging issues and draft tactics to cope.
  • Ask questions, clarify vague information and suggest action steps not just to improve the team’s performance but mainly expedite progress within timelines.

After all having these said, Sazali had a grin on his face. “What’s the grin all about?”, I asked. He replied “Well, I’m just quite excited about some new bright ideas running in my mind right now. I’ll set a meeting with my team first thing on Monday morning to come up with new strategies for the campaign and right away schedule a conference with the client in the afternoon”.

“Awright!” I prompted. We then ordered for another round of each drink, raised our tea cups and shouted “Cheers! For an upcoming successful software campaign ahead of us!”.



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