What To Do When Speed And Quality Collide In Lead Generation?

What To Do When Speed And Quality Collide In Lead Generation?

As a salesperson, every time I handle a lead generation campaign, I often ask myself, “What’s important for my client, Quality or Quantity?”

If I will to put myself in my client’s shoes, of course I would be happy to have a huge amount of lead. However, what’s the use of 50 leads if you can’t convert them right away into sales?

So, is delivering few high quality leads enough to keep your company running despite very low revenue? Or is it as bad as having 50 very low quality leads?

Well in my own opinion, both quality and quantity of leads are important in the success of a business. And when it comes to generating new leads, business owners want more leads. But not just any lead. They want more QUALIFIED leads.

In today’s sales cycle where it takes longer for every salesperson to close a sale, having huge number of leads in a short period of time is also important especially if you’re building good relationship with your prospects. Most of these leads are warm prospects that are low in quality. Meaning, they may be interested but are not yet on the buying stage of their sales cycle but they can be nurtured and converted into closed deals.

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On the other hand, having high quality sales leads can help drive revenue for your business. Qualified leads can help you maximize your salespeople’s time and focus more on closing the deal instead of trying to convince prospects that don’t have any purchasing plans.

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So, if you’re choosing between quality and quantity, it should be both. They may have different impact but both are essential in the success of your business.


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