Don’t Know the Answers to Prospect’s Sales Questions? Fake it

Don’t Know the Answers to Prospect’s Sales Questions? Fake it

I’ve been trying to get a meeting with the CIO for 2 weeks now and was so happy when I got hold of him on the phone. The conversation is going the way I want it to be.

Suddenly, he asked “Can you explain to me in details how your product works and the process on how to install it and integrate with our system?”

I’m a salesperson who happens to know about the product I’m selling. However, the technical side of our product is the part in which I knew nothing about.

I smiled and paused for almost 5 minutes. I know he’s interested so it’s too hard for me to mess up now!

It was an awkward moment. As a sales rep, I know you’re familiar with this situation. Salespeople spend most of their time talking which means it is not impossible to  end up discussing something new to you at  times. When doing lead generation, most sales reps panic because of fear that not knowing the answer may lead to a loss of interest on the side of the prospect.

That’s true. But don’t you know that not knowing the answer could also mean “opportunity” on your end as a sales reps? How? 

Here’s what to do and how to answer prospect’s question even if you don’t know what you’re really talking about.

#1. Admit your ignorance and refer prospect to an expert

In telemarketing, being honest with your prospect is important. You’re only human. Admit you don’t know the answer and tell the truth in a creative way.


I’m not the best person to speak with regarding that. That’s actually the reason why I called. What I can do is take note of your question then I’ll have one of our Consultant give you a call to discuss this with you. (Set the date and time of the appointment)

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#2. Take note of the prospect’s question

This is for your Consultant’s reference. So he knows what to discuss with the prospect when he called.

#3. Continue asking question

Proceed to finding more about their current setup. This way, your Consultant will have an idea about their current and can prepare what to present on a scheduled phone call. Here’s how to nurture your leads and guide them to sales funnel.


Not knowing the answer to a prospect’s question can’t be considered a problem. To somehow avoid this from happening, here are the things you need to improve before making a call.

  • More product knowledge.
  • Look for other products that your company is selling so you’ll have other options on what to sell. Don’t just focus on one product.
  • Be confident even if you don’t know the answer. This is your chance to refer the prospect to speak with your Consultant and eventually close a sale.
  • Don’t avoid the question. Acknowledge even if you don’t know the answer. Just be honest.
  • Don’t answer “Yes” with an unsure tone. You will lose your credibility.
  • You can also advise the prospect that you’ll send an email right after the call to address his questions.

If you’re prepared and your answers does lead to a sale, at least you’ll know what to do the next time you encounter a prospect asking you questions you don’t know anything about.


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