A Comprehensive Guide for Content Marketing in Malaysia this 2016

A Comprehensive Guide for Content Marketing in Malaysia this 2016

There’s about 2 million content published over the web in just one day – what makes your content stand out?


If you think content marketing is as simple as hitting ‘publish’ then you’re doing it wrong. It’s long been proven that a quality blog outnumbers the website traffic provided by those that are poorly written.  Even in this time, there are still B2B marketers that are still committing to their old ways.

Wake up from that slumber, there’s more than just writing a 500-word article.

According to Marketingprofs.com, Only 44% of B2B marketers say their organization is clear about what content marketing success or effectiveness looks like. Some 55% of us say our organization is either unclear or we’re unsure whether our organization is clear…


So how do you craft content that your target audience will scroll back to and click on while browsing the search results? This 2016 and even from the past years, the same challenge remains, how will you fight mediocrity?

Make your content unconventional that it magnets the eyes. But don’t start typing yet, there are still that have yet to be analyzed.

Here is a Slideshare presentation from the collaboration of 2 content marketing authorities, Marketingprofs.com and Content Marketing Institute, that will help you change the course of your game plan.


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