NEVER Forget these 7 Ground Rules for Creating Engaging Content

NEVER Forget these 7 Ground Rules for Creating Engaging Content

With a target audience in mind, it can be very difficult to create enticing content that supplies your database with the best leads.

Here is an excerpt from Matthew Broomfield’s article from showing the correct approaches to writing for the B2B crowd.

#1: What the user wants matters most

Clients won’t usually read your text unless they want information. So when writing for them online, start with the same question every time: what does the user want to know?

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#2: Really know your audience

Your online readership is often less select and exclusive than those reading hard-copy.

Some of your online readers might not be so engaged with your subject matter on an everyday basis. Others would have found your digital content through Google or other search engines. Think of your different readerships in concentric circles: your digital readership is probably broader than your print readership.

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#3: Don’t just follow the crowd

Heard about how more people are reading content on smartphones? You’ve seen them on the train and bus, right? But what percentage of your target audience are using these devices? And are you ready to create regular bespoke content for digital channels rather than just replicate print material?

By following the latest trends you might not actually be serving your readers as well as you think. Nobody should know your readers better than you, so really think about what they do and want, not what fads suggest they do and want.

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#4: Speak their language

Use the same vocabulary, phrases and industry references that clients often use, but steer clear of excessive jargon. This makes them feel that the content provider understands their specific circumstances and challenges.

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#5: How people read online

Online readers don’t start at the top and read all the way down – they have roving eyes.

People tend to read a web page in an ‘F’-shape pattern, according to various web-user studies. They look across the top, down the side, then read further across when they find what they need. So put the most important information at the start of titles, sub-headings and bullet points.

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#6: Keep it simple

Short and common words are easier to recognise and understand. Clients might typically be intelligent and well-educated, but that doesn’t mean the text needs to be an intellectual challenge.

When you use longer words (9 or 10 letters), users are more likely to skip shorter words that follow – words of 2 or 3 letters. The more complicated words you use, the more words your readers will skip.

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#7: Less really can be more

Your digital content should be tailor-made to the needs and habits of your digital readers. Don’t make it a dumping ground for whatever material you can get your hands on. Over time it will resemble an overgrown garden. Remove old, superseded content, and publish only what the user needs to know so they can complete their task. Nothing more.

Below is a summarized and shareable infographic of all the tips we’ve mentioned above. Share or download this image.

For every content marketer, NEVER forget these Ground Rules in Content Marketing!

NEVER Forget these 7 Ground Rules for Creating Engaging Content

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