The Reasons for a Collapsing Content Strategy

The Reasons for a Collapsing Content Strategy in Malaysia

Whatever you are selling deserves proper recognition. Demand generation strategies specifically serve to make your products and services visible to people you want to have as customers. Thus, you rely on effective content marketing strategy.

In B2B lead generation, companies can never do without proper planning and distribution of content. People are more sophisticated now in searching for consumable information. On your part as a solutions provider, simply having a blog or a social media account just won’t cut it.

What businesses need to do is to:

1). Identify the social media platforms commonly used by one’s target audience;

2). Conduct market research to gauge audience responsiveness to certain types of content; and

3). Avoid decisions proven to be fatal to one’s content marketing.

Clearly, marketers in the B2B industry can hardly resolve that last one and submitting to the adage of “Everybody makes mistakes” only intensifies the problem of poor web traffic and its disastrous offshoots.

To prevent your content marketing and lead generation from collapsing, it is important to NOT do any of these:


Becoming business-centric

Becoming business-centric


Narcissism poses itself as a natural psychological phenomenon of modern culture as evidenced by the epidemic popularity of “selfies” and “groufies.” But not everyone can benefit socially from these acts, especially not B2B businesses. Decision-makers are basically people in need of efficient solutions to specific problems, and whipping out braggadocio simply won’t do them any good. Having them to listen and engage is a matter of producing web resources like infographics and blog articles to which they can relate present circumstances.

Make content more interactive and engaging than ever! Here’s how to start creating your first infographic.




Refusing to optimize your site


Sure, having a website with fancy widgets may give you a sense of achievement, but many more factors are involved in the passive process of converting visitors into leads. Loading time and the design of your fill forms also affect influence over a possible engagement. It is certain for prospects to bounce off your landing page when they are forced to wait for more than two seconds for a webpage to fully load or to supply information rather than their email addresses.

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Doing it without research




How do you know if a content strategy is effective? You simply conduct a test, and not just through typical A/B testing here. We’re talking about experimentation with the use of analytics tools. No doubt businesses need guidance in interpreting traffic data and determining the best ways to attract more visitors. A multi-channel B2B marketing company can be considered in such a case.








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