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About Callbox

10 years’ experience in B2B marketing has made us the kind of company we are known today – an industry-leading digital marketing agency providing comprehensive business solutions to over 10,000 clients worldwide. Get to know some of our clients and find out why they choose Callbox.


Callbox Pipeline

Next to our people, the tools that we use to manage our clients’ campaigns constitute the biggest part of our success. As your business partner, we want to make sure that every facet of your campaign runs like clockwork. That is why we created Callbox Pipeline – web-based marketing automation software that integrates staff resources with marketing tools and strategies into a seamless business management and automation platform. See how it works.

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About Us

Founded in 2004, Callbox has evolved into a specialist provider of Multi-Touch Multi-Channel Marketing solutions for businesses and organizations worldwide. Its core competencies include Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Lead Nurturing and Database Services, delivered through its proprietary marketing automation platform, the Callbox Pipeline.

Callbox enables companies gain a foothold in their priority markets by initiating conversations with prospects through the efficient and intelligent use of targeted touchpoints over six channels: voice, email, social, web, SMS and postal mail.
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