Fix Your B2B Leads Sales Pitch Like Dinner

Generating sales leads through the phone can be a real challenge, one that always pushes the limits of telemarketing services. That means a need for a better sales pitch. Now, before you start saying that sales pitches are no longer part of modern marketing and networking campaigns, you need to remember that this is the one part of the process where you introduce your business to sales leads prospects. Failure to properly execute your pitch will cause you to lose prospects, as well as fail to attract those at the periphery of your market. Now, to ensure proper delivery, you need to proceed with these steps, akin to a dinner:

  1. The aperitif – at this point, the appointment setting prospect has absolutely no idea about your business. Do not bombard them with details yet. Rather, use this time to tell them what you do, like ‘we make the future safer’, ‘the answer to the world’s problems’, and the like.
  2. The appetizer – after hearing your initial description, your lead generation prospects would most certainly be curious at what you exactly do.  This is the right opportunity for you to dive into the details of your business, telling them what you exactly do and the number of clients and customers that you have helped.
  3. The main course – this is the part where your selling skills will be needed, since you will be convincing your prospects that your business will work for them as well.

If you have properly introduced your business in the first two steps, then you will not have any lead generation problems when doing the last stage. The dessert would be the B2B leads you generate successfully.


Richard Branson on How To Effectively Generate B2B Leads

Whenever we find a potentially good business idea, or perhaps a strategy that could help improve our lead generation process, there will always be some people who will discourage us about it. The question here is this: will we let them do it?

This is where the words of Sir Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin Group, make some sense: “Screw it. Just do it.” No phrase emphasizes the importance of just going ahead with your plans or goals as what he said. Truly, this is an inspiring piece for many telemarketing representatives who are looking for better b2b sales leads.

Often, a lot of enterprising businesses fail to generate B2B leads using new marketing tactics due to discouragement from many quarters. Sure, naysayers and critics may have a point in what they say, but that should never be your reason why you should stop your plans. Rather, this is your chance to prove them wrong, to show them that you really are in the right track.

Besides, even if you are wrong, starting from scratch meant you really have nothing much to lose. You can always do better next time. Now, if you succeed on your new appointment setting strategies, then it is your big win. It is all about willingness to take risks, as well as ingenuity in making your venture successful. Richard Branson did it. Look at where he is now.

That is all there is to it, apart from outsourcing your work to professional lead generation services. That would be a different story.


Communicate Well And Start Generating Qualified B2B Leads

One of the nice things about our current business environment are the availability of ready information, both on the customer and the provider sides. With the explosion of social media and other information sites, information is right at your fingertips. While this can be a great help for your lead generation campaign, this can also act as a double-edged sword. Too much information can turn away potential B2B leads, but too little can also cause them to look for other sources. How will you achieve your B2B appointment setting aims, then? The key here would be context. You have to properly set up the expectations of your prospects.

Using shock tactics can be a good idea, but you must remember to keep things under control. By no means should you employ tactics that might offend them, put a stain on your image, or ruin your credibility. There are many ways to get the attention of your prospects. For example, you can use B2B telemarketing services. This can help you identify potential sales leads and help you be more effective in reaching out to them. Still, the main point here would be your communication skills. You need to know what to say, when to say it, and for whom your message is for. That will be the most crucial point that you should consider when planning your lead generation campaign.

It is all about you and your message. So, if you want to be effective in your B2B lead generation efforts, you might want to take a look at your sales pitch.


Generating B2B Leads? You Ought To Delight And Entertain

While some pundits will say that this is just what selling is all about, I would like to point out the fact that there is a difference between selling and selling right. Selling is just that, selling. There is no concern on whether you want to generate qualified sales leads or not. You can lie, deceive or misinform, just to get results. Of course, if you want to be effective, you need to be honest and factual. Now this is where the problem with B2B lead generation comes in. You ought to show your business prospects the facts, but number and figures alone will not get you those B2B leads at all. You need to take care of presentation as well. And this is how you do it:

  1. Surprise them – give them an ‘Aha!’ moment. Give them a familiar situation, but one where your insight is fresh and innovative. That can help your B2B telemarketing team.
  2. Tell them a story – stories can be an incredible way to keep their attention. A well-paced narrative will keep your prospects spell-bound until the last chapter of your presentation. Pepper it with trivia and other relevant facts that they can use.
  3. Make it fun – this will also liven up the conversation, as well as help grease the wheels of your appointment setting process. This can aid you greatly in relationship-building.

There are other tactics that you can use to delight your prospects, but these three would be a good place to start. You can succeed in your lead generation campaign better this way.


Lead Generation Lessons The Silver Linings Playbook: Playing With The Giants

Lead Generation Lessons From The Oscars_Silver Linings Playbook

Conducting a lead generation campaign in a market can be a very daunting task, especially if there is bigger competition running around you. While it is true that smaller firms can be swallowed by the momentum of larger companies, it is also possible for them to actually stay and generate qualified sales leads. The secret here lies in your uniqueness. You need to have this unique quality in you that will help you stand out against others. Even if you cannot compete against the bigger players in the market, at least you can create a special spot, a niche, in which you can easily gather qualified B2B leads.

That was how Jackie Weaver, who starred as the wife of Robert De Niro’s character, got nominated for the Oscars. Just imagine how easy it was to get overshadowed by someone of De Niro’s caliber. Still, she played ball, and she got noticed.

You can also think of it this way: there will always be others who are better than you. There will be better business presenters than you, better appointment setting representatives, better telemarketing teams, and the like. Your products might even be displayed right beside the best-sellers of your bigger competitors. But that should not be your deterrent. Indeed, this is a good opportunity for you to shine. Study more about your business, know more about what you offer, and understand what exactly makes you unique from the others. This is your strongest point. And this is where you will make your counter-attack against the others.

Other businesses have done that already. And you can do that, too. The important point to remember here is that you focus on your strengths. Tap into the market that will most appreciate your strengths, and your lead generation campaign will succeed.


When Not To Solve Problems During Lead Generation

Solving problems is only natural when we are conducting lead generation campaigns. After all, if we do not solve problems, how can we turn prospects into qualified B2B leads? That is why we need to offer the right business solutions to your prospects. There are a lot of things you would want to say to your prospects, offer answer to their problems. But have you ever thought of those rare moment where you do not need to solve problems? Sometimes, not solving a business issue can get you the sales leads you wanted. The idea behind it is actually sound.

To begin with, you must first understand that some of your prospects may be aware of their problems already. They might just want to have a sounding board, or probably a second opinion on whether this is their real concern. Also, it is possible that they know the solution already. Your telemarketing team may not need to talk much. Your team will just have to listen, and the answer will present itself on its own. And would it not be a much better appointment setting tactic. At least you will get the full cooperation of your business leads. All you need to do is to be sharp at the details.

While it is possible that you have a lead generation team ready for the task, it may not be economically feasible to have a large one for a seasonal campaign. Perhaps outsourcing the work will do you good. There are a lot of telemarketing, advertising, and other agencies that can do the job for you.


Winning B2B Leads Relationship: The Industry Movers

When you generate B2B leads, you are not doing it alone. Everything you do affects everyone around you. What you say, what you do, what you look for, it influences the actions of others as well. Lead generation is not a lonesome activity. In fact, if you know just who you need to work with, finding and qualifying more sales leads is even more involved and rewarding. But just who should you be working with then? What are their qualities that makes them ideal to your campaign? Will they be able to give you good results?

One key relationship that you should invest in would towards what we as the ‘industry movers’. They are the people who are known and respected in their respective industries.  What they say or do is closely heeded by their followers. These are the people who command the highest respect, since they are the masters of their industry, and may perhaps know more about it than you will ever learn. If you want to increase your presence in the market, you should gain the attention of these influencers. Provide them with inside information that you do not readily share with others. Giving them valuable insights about your company will provide them topics that they can share with others. This will increase your visibility, as well as make your telemarketing campaign easier to execute.

Working with industry movers are an important investment in your appointment setting plans. Once you get their attention, you can be sure to garner the attention of business prospects as well.


Make Your Lead Generation Campaign Flu-Free


This is the time of the year that would most certainly bring worries for many business owners (correction, worries for everyone). It is inevitable, and everyone is needed to handle it – the flu season. And this can have a negative impact on your lead generation campaign. If the situation becomes worst (where key appointment setting personnel becomes absent due to sickness), then you really will have a hard time to generate the needed sales leads in your campaign. You will need a contingency plan in place. Considering the various methods that you need can employ, which ones are the most important? You will find these below:

  1. Plan specific employee roles – to prepare your company during the flu season, you need to come up with a plan that includes the specific roles of each employee. Study your critical operations (like those in telemarketing), find out the people necessary in those parts, and discuss with them what plans to make in the event some calls in sick.
  2. Conduct a flu awareness campaign – nothing beats an aggressive information drive. Not that your employees are anywhere dense in head, but a little reminder about sneezing and cough etiquette can go a long way in preventing the spread of flu in your workplace. This is also a good time to inform everyone about medical services and, if available, flu vaccination to prevent flu infection.
  3. Invest in more technology – the nice thing about technology in the work place is how it can contribute to overall B2B leads productivity of everyone (without the requisite close physical contact with each other). If this is possible in your office, have your employees work from their homes. Working remotely from their homes is also a contingency plan that extends beyond that of the flu season. It can provide you and your people added flexibility on how they go about their work. Just make sure that you have the equipment for this arrangement.
  4. Test your systems – this is related to point number three. You need to ensure that the communication and work tools installed in your employees’ homes are in good working condition. Conduct a test run of your system and see if there are any bugs that you need to take care of. Try picking a date, and then send at least a quarter of your employees home to use the system. See if they connect with your production floor.

Of course, this arrangement will work perfectly for companies that does not handle that much sensitive data. This is a different story if you handle data processing and retrieval tasks. In cases like these, you really have to keep your personnel reporting to the office. Still, as long as you keep everything clean (and remind your people to wash their hands after using the washroom), then you can still prevent the spread of the flu. It may border on the obsessive, but a little cautiousness can be a great help in maintaining the health of your company. In this way, your lead generation campaign can be flu-free.