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Malaysia IT Industry Watch: Cloudy with a Chance of Success

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At the moment, it is difficult to predict exactly the way the global IT industry is heading. Analysts see persistent up and down trends in the demand for certain business solutions, creating a highly volatile climate based mostly on the rules of “chance.”

One thing is certain however: There are a lot of opportunities to leverage. It is just a matter of identifying them and knowing how to realize effective results from them.

In Malaysia, where the local IT market is regarded as a high-growth sector, entrepreneurs should know by now that they are in a good position to maximize their resources to attain better sales numbers. This is attested by the fact that the Malaysian IT market is currently worth around $10 billion with an average growth rate of around 7.1% until 2019, according to a BMI Research study. This implies that there is a strong demand for certain services and products as well as an increase in spending for most enterprise level solutions.

Right now, the growth of the Malaysian IT market depends heavily on three different technology drivers:

Mobile and cloud computing. In a 2012 article published in ZDNet, enterprises in Malaysia continue to invest in technology despite challenges brought on by global financial difficulties. Even until now, businesses are investing heavily in utilizing cost-effective innovations led by cloud computing and mobile optimization. The downside however is that the increased demand for cloud services has indicated an observable decline in data performance, implying a need for skilled manpower as well as better security solutions. Nonetheless, forward-thinking IT vendors can attain the best numbers for their cloud and mobile computing products once they get to bypass the initial challenges presented by data deluge.

Hardware. Hardware spending will also see a significant long run increase. This comes as Malaysian enterprises have noted consistent increases in their income generation as well as a reduction in connectivity costs. We can see then that these companies are highly capable of investing in hardware upgrades that will get them to attain optimal business efficiency.

Security. We cannot discount security from the list of highly important enterprise-level IT solutions. IT security is still as important as ever, and as businesses handle an increasing volume of data, they profess a crucial need for effective software and hardware notably in the areas of business continuity and disaster recovery. IT Business Edge has even noted that cybersecurity will be a top area for increased IT spending in 2015, so it will be a no-brainer for Malaysian entrepreneurs to invest in that area.

Competition with the IT industry can be challenging. In order to get ahead, IT firms should invest in IT lead generation and appointment setting.


Appointment Setting Best Practices for Malaysian Training Providers

Appointment Setting Best Practices for Malaysian Training Providers

Lately, Malaysia’s training industry has been regarded as a high opportunity area. In light of an upcoming economic integration in the Southeast Asian region, there is a strong demand for training and skills development as the country prepares to enhance the quality of its labor force.

For this reason, training providers need to address the increasing need for skills in areas such as education and healthcare. It is also vital for them to set appointments for leads indicating a desire to enroll.

But it is not always easy. As you may very well know, appointment setting as well as lead generation for training providers such as yourself are difficult to undertake. Aside from the intricate processes involved in promoting a training service, strong competition in the market for specialized skills harbors risks of poor ROI and low penetrability.

Training providers need wiser and more cost efficient approaches in improving their call campaigns and delivering high quality appointments. Because when done right, appointment setting grants these institutions an advantage over their competitors and an opportunity to meet educational requirements consistent with changing trends.

Here are some ways you can do to drive quality appointments and push your enrollment rate upwards.

Know your target audience. To what specific industry or area of specialization do you want to focus on? This question is essential as it lets you understand the specific educational requirements and standards of your audience, allowing you to construct messages that outline the value of your service to the segment you are targeting. B2B CM says, “The better defined your target audience the better results your appointment setting telemarketing will generate.”

Give prospects flexible options. When setting an appointment, consider exploring numerous scheduling options a prospect can choose from for his or her convenience. This would also allow sales reps to be flexible in terms of availability.

Deal with declines. While you cannot stop a potential enrollee to decline your offer, it does not necessarily mean that he or she is uninterested with your service. A decline could also mean a delay in making a decision, so callers need to consider a future possibility of engaging the prospect again. They should ask the prospect if he or she is seeking a particular training service at the moment.

There are more ways for Malaysian training providers to apply in vitally winning enrollees during this time of great demand for manpower training. But often, improved efficiency and productivitiy can only accessed through a lead generation service with a considerable track record for generating and setting up appointments with education leads.

Callbox Integrates With Salesforce: A Better, More Efficient Client Experience in Malaysia

Callbox and Salesforce IntegrationYears of innovation and hard work have been put in to give Callbox clients the best solutions for their business, as well as to enable managers and sales professionals to streamline business development.

The challenge has always been to keep up with the changing times, especially with how technology evolves in exponential fashion even just in the last two decades. Callbox started out as a simple telemarketing firm, which eventually flourished into a multi-channel marketing machine.

Now, in the age of cloud and automation, Callbox steps up to the plate, ready for another era of marketing savvy.

In celebrating 10 years of flourishing into a stalwart player in the business-to-business industry, Callbox is taking cloud-based lead management and marketing automation to new heights.

Putting the clients front and center: Callbox integrates with Salesforce

Not a lot of business folks would question how Salesforce is dominating— in a rather lopsided fashion — the current enterprise cloud platform war. It’s not even close. With its acclaimed software stability and supportive ties with customers, partners and developers, Salesforce offers the one true payoff for enterprise CRM.

But it’s not just the reputation that has led Callbox to finally bring Salesforce into the mix; we have always been a resolute fan of new technology and game-changing shifts, which is exactly what Salesforce is and has always been about. When you aspire for innovation, you can’t help but partner with the most innovative company in the world.

Prospects who have long entrusted their data to Salesforce can now be serviced by the Callbox without the fuss of manual migration but with the same certainty and level of convenience they’ve been accustomed to. That premise alone opens up to an entire new experience, not to mention the clear operational and bottom-line benefits for both sides of the equation.

Introducing Callbox DialStream: The Most Efficient Power Dialer for Salesforce


What is DialStream?

Callbox DialStream gives your business the edge by providing a faster, more efficient way of contacting, connecting, and closing more leads.

Salesforce Integration
You want Callbox to generate your sales leads for you, but you and your sales team are very comfortable using Salesforce to manage your leads and sales activities. Solution: DialStream.

Turbo-charged Dialer
Built with such speed and flexibility, DialStream delivers massive efficiency gains and better overall sales performance. Opportunity waits for no one, so we work fast.

Smarter Conversation
DialStream makes way for better and smarter engagement with prospects as it presents customer data relevant to each call.

Achieve maximum efficiency and phone productivity

When you sign up for a lead generation campaign with us and would prefer your Callbox team to work with your prospect lists directly from your Salesforce account (Enterprise), Callbox DialStream makes it possible.

Our dialer solution is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, which means that:

  • Your Callbox callers can dial your Salesforce contacts directly through DialStream; No software installation or contact data migration required
  • When your Callbox callers add notes to each call, send an email, or leave a voicemail message, all data are logged directly to your Salesforce account in real time
  • Call reports (duration, result, etc.) can be generated using the Salesforce report engine

Contact us to learn more about this amazing solution.

Three Unusual Lead Generation Tactics For Your Business

It is rather simple, but promoting your business could be a very daunting task. You need to know how to do it properly, lest you waste your efforts or investments. Generating sales leads is a daily challenge for various businesses, and you need to use every tool available to succeed in lead generation. Sometimes, you might just have to employ unusual methods to do that. It might be surprising, but it can actually work. Some of these are:


  1. Company car – if you drive business prospects around, or perhaps you travel all the time, you can increase awareness of your company by using a properly designed car. That would save a lot of introduction time for your appointment setting team, since your prospects would most likely remember the car that keeps running around their place.
  2. Concerts – you might be surprised at how great concerts are in attracting attention of people. Whether it is for a popular band or cultural icon, hosting an event is great for word-of-mouth and positive feedback. Besides, if the company positions itself well, it becomes an even more powerful tool for promotions.
  3. Social media – yes, just like always, but more along the lines of monitoring the conversation threads. Once you know what really beats in the minds of your prospects, your telemarketing team can plan their efforts better.


These unusual promotion tools are pretty useful in getting you the B2B leads that you require. As long as you employ them properly, it will be to your advantage.