Outsourcing Guide: Homebased Telemarketer or B2B Telemarketing Company

Telemarketing has emerged as one of the most cost-effective, efficient, and lucrative ways of generating new business. Through it, a business owner can connect with thousands of potential clients, which he can meet face-to-face eventually. Moreover, it rakes in many sales opportunities for a fraction of the price one will pay for traditional marketing campaigns.

When it comes to telemarketing, a business has two options – outsource it to a B2B company or hire homebased telemarketers to do the job. Well, each one has its advantages, and comparing those might help you see which choice will fit your business needs perfectly.

Let us go over the benefits of both homebased and outsourced telemarketing, then you decide which one will work for you seamlessly.

Benefits of Outsourced Telemarketing Services

Benefits of Outsourced Telemarketing Services


By outsourcing your telemarketing needs, you will be able to tap into the industry experience of your provider at a fixed cost. You no longer have to train people or have an infrastructure in place, since your provider will take care of everything. Admin and overhead expenses are significantly lowered.

Budgeting becomes easier

Outsourcing takes the weight of budgeting and financial planning off your shoulders. Since the deal is between you and the service provider, you will no longer have to deal with individual employees. Instead, all you must do is set a monthly cost, thereby allowing you to adjust your level of spending month-to-month, as needed.

Increased productivity

Having an outsourced team of telemarketers affords you time to focus on other areas of your business, specifically those that need utmost attention, since you no longer have to manage an in-house team.

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No more training needed

Results are produced right away since your outsourced telemarketers have already gone through a rigorous recruitment process courtesy of your service provider. That takes a huge load off your shoulders. Moreover, you’re guaranteed that your telemarketers are specially trained to perform their tasks to the highest standard.

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Benefits of Homebased Telemarketers

Benefits of Homebased Telemarketers

Keeps costs down

Like outsourced telemarketers, using a company that employs homebased telemarketers keeps your consumable costs down. Homebased workers use their own equipment, furniture, and whatnots, so you don’t have to worry about those. You also don’t need to rent office space.

Individual payouts are lowered

Most homebased employees don’t demand sick pays or holiday entitlements, so the cost of hiring proficient telemarketers is significantly decreased.


Because homebased telemarketers hold their own time (that is, if you don’t need them to clock in or work straight eight-hour days), they can make calls any time of the day or at hours that suit your needs.

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No more excuses

With homebased telemarketers, you no longer have to put up with lousy excuses on why they missed work (missed the bus, car broke down, got caught in traffic).

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Both are technically the same, that is, hiring homebased workers and outsourcing to B2B companies. The difference probably lies in the “formality” of the work environment. Homebased workers work from the comfort of their own homes, so they work with less pressure involved. That makes them happier and more at ease with the workflow. Telemarketers outsourced to a B2B company, on the other hand, have a more professional approach.

The choice is up to you, but rest assured that both can and will give you the results you need because their livelihood depends on their job.


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