5 Mistakes That Attract Sales Objection: How to Turn it into a Success!

Regardless of the size of your business, marketing and sales are the ones who generate revenue in an organization. Without these two, it’s hard to keep and build a steady flow of customers and even support the growth of a company. Any mistake within your process can make or break your business.

Sales is not as easy as calling a prospect and setting up an appointment. All the pressures that you experience in creating and implementing  your sales plan to reaching your target sometimes feel too much. Because of trying to hit all the numbers, most salespeople can’t maximize all of their resources. They pressure themselves and all they can think about is to close a sale which leads them to make simple mistakes. These simple mistakes sometimes attract objections from prospects.

Here are the 5 common mistakes salespeople make that attract objections and how to turn them into a success.

Mistake #1: Study shows that 42% of salespeople don’t have enough information before calling a prospect.

Preparation is the key to success but most sales reps find themselves calling and hoping for the best on every call. Don’t generalize your prospects. Don’t think that you can call them and expect the same scenario because every prospect has different needs. They don’t expect you to have an answer in  every question but you have to be ready, in case  they throw you out-of-the context inquiries that  might lead you to lose your credibility.


Sales expert or not, you need to make sure you’re aware of the product and services that you’re offering. Most of the time, prospect would object because sales rep don’t appear to know what they’re offering. If you have enough knowledge you may be able to turn objections into a possible lead. How?

  • By asking questions about their current setup (What they’re using,for how long and if they have a provider, etc.)
  • Offer your product or services. Focus on what you have that can benefit them  most.

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Mistake #2: When doing telemarketing, you must be aggressive, but in the right way,  especially when asking questions to your prospect.

Assertiveness is one of the good habits of a productive salesperson when it is done properly. It shows confidence and gives the prospect a feeling that you know what you’re talking about. Sounding natural over the phone makes them feel confident about what you’re offering.
However, becoming overly assertive, can create an aggressive tone. Being too pushy will cause prospects to brush you off instead of listening to what you can offer because they’ll feel like they’re being pressured to make a decision right away.


Express yourself effectively and be direct to the point. While respecting the rights and beliefs of the person you’re talking to.

Mistake #3: You were left wondering what happened. Never disregard what your prospect is saying just to get what you want.


Sales rep: “Hi! My name is Anna from XYZ company. I’m calling about your software. I understand you are the best person to talk to about this?”

Prospect: “Now is not  a good time to talk.”

Sales rep: “That’s okay, I understand. You see, we are a software reseller and I understand you are the best person that I can speak with who can decide on this one, am I correct? ”

Prospect: [Hangs up]

You’re only implying that you are not listening. Most people hang up when being ignored.


  • If you’re into this situation you can say; “That’s okay. I understand. So when is the best time to give you a call back?” Then, immediately thanked the prospect and end the call gracefully

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Mistake #4: Being defensive means lack of confidence or a form of  insecurity

Only discuss information your prospects need to hear. If the prospect hasn’t brought it up, giving too much information leads to an uncomfortable conversation.


Sales rep: I’m just wondering, have you worked with XYZ company(number 1 competitor) before?

Prospect: Yes! We’ve worked with them for a year.

Sales rep: We provide better service than them. You see, they have many issues with their clients. Our services include … and you can definitely benefit on this one.

It’s okay to discuss about your competitor. However, NEVER bring other brands down. Even when prospect bring it up and mentioned something bad about them, just focus on promoting the benefits of your product or service.


  • If the prospect mentioned something your competitor didn’t do, you can push the benefits of your product or service and offer that you can help them on that issue.
  • ask what are the concerns and the need of the prospect and offer what needs to be done to turn the situation around.

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Mistake #5: You can use a script or you may not – either way is fine. But sounding like you’re reading a script is a turnoff to every prospect.

When a salesperson sounds like they’re reading from a script, prospects will feel like they’re talking to a robot and won’t feel bad if they hang up the phone.


  • Use the script as your guide (In case you forget something).
  • Speak in your natural tone for the entire duration of the call.
  • Speak slowly. Know when to pause and when to stop. Don’t know how long? Around 2 counts.
  • Be conversational. Try to use conjunctions to connect your words. (NOTE: You may use fillers but minimize them)

Don’t commit any of these 5 sales mistakes that attract objections. Use these tips and turn mistakes into a success.


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