Don’t Let your Sales Volume Freeze Over

Sales Volume Freeze Over. De-Frost through Effective Telemarketing Campaign

Don’t Let your Sales Volume Freeze Over

While everyone knows that overrated theme song in that overrated movie, everyone has to be aware of the potential dangers of freezing sales volume.


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Freezing temperatures pose a great danger to a lot of things, even to B2B marketers. Ice-cold lead generation telemarketing programs are inefficient in the sense that they are not producing qualified B2B leads for the sales pipeline. Indeed, without qualified B2B leads, it is difficult for a business to meet sales goals.

It is thus vital for managers to maintain and enhance their lead generation program. More importantly, managers should also prevent their campaigns from freezing over.

Here are ways to defrost your telemarketing program and produce a good flow of sales closes.

Don’t Settle with Rejections.

Any experienced telemarketer can tell you that rejections are a hindrance. But what do you got to do? It is basically a fact of life in B2B lead generation. A prospect might need more time to think it through. It might be because there is an absence of urgency. But given these conditions, is there a reason to “let it go” that easy? No. Instead, keep the prospect within your lead management database and provide it with informational materials that might convince them to reconsider your offers.

Track your leads.

One way to know whether your campaign is producing as intended is to track the activity of individual leads. This could be done through an effective lead analytics system tailored for companies that manage a large volume of decision-makers. Moreover, observing metrics such as page views and web conversions can help you highlight the high and low points of your campaign.

Manage leads. Monitor campaigns. Nurture relationships Here’s how!

Change your perspective.

Perhaps, one reason that your campaign is not functioning is because of your approach. Conversations are central in every telemarketing contact. And it makes a difference how you approach your prospects. If you start off with sales pitches during the contact, a prospect would most likely decline your offers. Instead of acting like a quintessential salesman, focus on the most important issues confronting your prospects and gradually build up the conversation until the prospect becomes “sales-ready.”

Aside from Telemarketing, find more ways of reaching out to your prospecting. Try Multi Channel Marketing!



No one wants frostbite any more than your marketing campaign. Doing the above mentioned activities however can be made more effective by a competent B2B lead generation company. Nothing beats a warm hand to melt away the ice.

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Don’t let your sales freeze out.

Get Qualified Leads, Employ Successful Telemarketing Campaign. Here’s How!