The Problem With Telemarketing Today

Telemarketing Problems Today

Critics and pundits all say that this is a dying form of marketing, but still it lives. It still functions. And it still does what it does best – generate B2B leads. That is the truth, and that is the reason why telemarketing is still employed during lead generation campaigns. It is the closest that a marketer can get to a face-to-face meeting with business prospects. It is affordable, it is measurable, and it is not that cost prohibitive. So, what are the problems plaguing this marketing tool? Heaps. There are a lot of issues that telemarketers need to face. To start with, we have:


  1. Fraud – yes, fraud is a big issue, since this prevents telemarketers from getting to their prospects. It takes a lot of hard work to build up credibility, and even if you are a credible firm, there is no assurance that you will get a sale.
  2. Rejections – related to point number one. Cold calling receives a lot of rejections (for a variety of reasons) from business prospects, causing problems for appointment setting campaigns.
  3. Evolving technology – first, there are answering machines, now there are caller IDs. The way technology evolves to screen out unwanted calls compels telemarketers to look for other ways to get in touch with potential sales leads. Robocalls are of no help either (since this actually increases the rejection rate).


These are just some of the challenges faced by telemarketing firms today. Solving or addressing these concerns would be crucial in keeping this marketing tool still viable in the years to come.