Ultimate Cheat Sheet: Telemarketing Starter Kit for Businesses in Asia

Ultimate Cheat Sheet: Telemarketing Starter Kit for Businesses in Asia

Are you always wondering what telemarketing is, how to start calling and how it can help your business?

Sales is essential in the success of every business. But because the sales cycle became longer and different people were involved in the decision making process, businesses utilize telemarketing to help them provide sales ready leads and increase their sales.

If you’re looking to consider and use telemarketing to generate more revenue for your business, here’s a complete guide to help you create a telemarketing campaign that works.

STEP #1. Identify your target market

Timeline: This should be done before starting a campaign

Create your ideal customer profile. These are people whom you want to sell to who are most likely to buy your product or service.  Identify them by:

  • Company size
  • Number of employees
  • Annual revenue
  • Geographical location
  • Industry type
  • Target prospects/contacts

Tip: When identifying your target prospects, it’s best to contact those who understands your product or service. For example, if you are selling an accounting software, it is best to speak with the Accounting/Finance Manager then the IT Manager.

STEP #2: Create a telemarketing list

Timeline: This should be done before starting a campaign

Once you’ve identified your target market, you can now create a list to call. Having a targeted database plays an important role in the success of your telemarketing campaign.

Reminder: Use the target market that you’ve identified when building a criteria for your telemarketing list. Here’s How to get targeted business list.

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STEP #3: Create an email template

Timeline: This should be done before starting a campaign

Things to consider when creating an email template:

  • Subject line/Title should be direct to the point but is catchy
  • Keep the text short
  • Personalize your message

STEP #4: Send out introductory email to all contacts within your list

Timeline: Should be done at least 2 weeks before target start date

Nowadays, the buying process is longer and sending introductory emails to prospects is important in your lead nurturing process.

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STEP #5: Create a script

Timeline: This should be done before starting a campaign

Telemarketing requires planning and scripts are used as guide to guarantee and deliver the message professionally.

Guidelines in creating a telemarketing script

Opening includes:

  • Greeting
  • Introduction
  • Purpose of the call
  • Body – This is part where you do the following:
  • Present your products
  • Probe by asking questions about your prospects current setup.
  • Closing – Thank and summarize the important details such as; the date of the appointment.


  • When creating a script, identify the type of campaign you wish to have (Phone or office appointment)
  • When creating probing questions, focus on the needs of the prospect and use the features and benefits of your product and services to offer solutions

Here’s a sample script that we use.

Contact Person: Finance Manager/ Accounting Manager

Hi. My name is (Telemarketer) and I’m calling on behalf of XYZ Company. Am I speaking with (Target Contact) the (Job Title)?

(Request for some time to talk) Mr./Ms.___Did I catch you in a good time? Or Can I have a few minutes of your time? (Then introduce our company and purpose of the call.)

(Target Contact), Would you be the best person to talk to about your company’s accounting software?

If Yes, proceed.

If No, ask for the right target contact.

I was hoping that you might have heard of XYZ Company before?

We are a trusted provider of accounting software in the Asia pacific region. We are currently introducing ABC solution is an accounting software that enables any organization to streamline their business process.

I would like to ask,

What accounting software are you currently using?

How is it working for you? Do you have any problems or issues with your accounting software?

How many users do you have?

Are you open to look for this type of solution for your business?

I would like to arrange for one of my Consultants to contact you and discuss our services and any issues that you might have.

Would you be available on (date) at (time)?

If prospect agreed on the appointment:

Verify all contact details: Complete Name, Address, Job Title, Email address, Contact Number, Direct Line or Mobile Number

Please mark your calendar for our Consultant will contact you on (date) and (time). Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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STEP #6: Product Knowledge

Timeline: This should be done before starting a campaign

Knowledge is power! Providing product information to your sales team is the most important step in every telemarketing campaign. Product knowledge lets the telemarketer relay the right message and answer immediate questions of prospects.

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STEP #7: Practice Role Play

Timeline: This should be done before starting a campaign

Practice makes perfect. Call simulation and role play helps every telemarketer gain confidence because they are can prepare for rebuttals on different scenarios during the actual call.

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STEP #8: Evaluate and Measure results

Timeline: Within 3-5 days since the start of the campaign

Whether you’re calling internally or have considered outsourcing a telemarketing company, evaluating and measuring the results of your campaign can help you identify and solve any issues that could affect your main objective in telemarketing.

What to evaluate?

  • If you have the right database and calling the right people
  • If your script is effective
  • If your telemarketers can deliver the right message and handle objections properly

Telemarketing is used to reach out to your target audience and generate leads for your business. Follow these steps and start a telemarketing campaign to increase your sales and help your business grow.



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